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Can I Use Steroids Constantly w/ Addison's?


Hello everyone,
I'm 39 year old male. I have Addison's disease (John f Kennedy had it as well) since it was diagnosed at the age of 2. I take hydrocortisone florinef thyroxine and testosterone injects since the age of 16.
When I was young the doctors gave me huge amounts of hydro and that made me want to eat all the time and I was very fat. I got beat up a lot and was teased/made fun of non stop.

Anyways it's a deeply embedded trauma and I guess BB is a way for me as well as for others to somehow "protect" oneself from people picking on me/us. At least for me it is. Yes i've been going to psychiatrist for a few years now.

Anyways I started at 154 lbs. I now weigh 196. I wanted to ask a few questions please.
I shove tons of vitamins in myself but It seems the gains don't come fast enough.
I trained consistently for 5.5 years where I gained most of my mass. after which I stopped for 4 years. My wife wanted children and I had to take chorigon/pregnyl or menogan (I can't recall it was some years back) shots so to up the sperm count which was nil. I felt like crap on them and my training/diet world came crashing down.

I know for sure I don't want children..and personally I don't think I can have any anyways. But this is because of the Addison's disease and not the vitamins I was taking. Which was mainly tons of testoviron depot and nandrolone decanoate and some cypionate. If I don't get a test shot (even when off the vitamins) I can't get it up. I lose a lot of muscle mass, no hair growth, stuff like that.

I do get fat very easily. I also want to add that when I was 16 I took HGH for 1.5 years and grew 12". I should have been taller but never took the shots every day because certain days the injection hurt so much that I was scared the next day. I'm glad though. 6' is more than enough for me and not the best for a bodybuilder.

Anyways in our family everyone is big and my brothers both have pretty good genetics and grew quite a lot when they were training. but for me it's 2 steps forward, 1.9 steps back.

I've been divorced for 3 great years (cheated on me. while I was shooting weddings she was getting something else shot in her)

I've been training for a year now and have been on sus ever since the beginning. I changed from testoviron depot which I didn't like since it takes a while to kick in and I get depressed towards the end of it's effect. I got some money from a bike accident and have been on nandrolona d (deca) sustamed (sus) and sus (organon) prescribed by my endocrine Dr (twice per month..yea, sure thing doc!).

I took 300mg of primo depot for 10 weeks and that was some kick ass stuff. I should be getting more primo very soon to add to my sus/dec combo. I can't wait. I take around 500mg deca and 500mg sus which is divided and injected everyday. I have vials and pull out the dose. I don't mind the injections so much, but scared as hell to try anywhere else besides the glutes.

I take 10mg per day of the recommended dose of hydro which is 15mg morning/5mg afternoon, unless I train and then add 5mg so I have strength. The hydro is like a double edged sword. On one side I need it to live and on the other it breaks down muscle. My training is based on MM hit training. although I do add a few more sets here and there.

I train every 4-7 days, training legs twice to every one time upper body. I can't train anymore than that as I don't recover fast enough. I did the 5 times per week, 3 times per week and none of those worked for me. I feel best when doing the heavy weights/low sets/reps works best for me.
My diet is clean:

8:30 nitro core 24 ON
10:00 250grams cottage cheese -150gr whole wheat bread vegetable
1:00 160grams chicken breast -140grams uncle bens brown rice (not instant) 1 tablespoon BBQ
4:00 160grams either chicken liver/sirloin steak/Norwegian pink salmon- 140 grams UBBrice
7:00 160grams chicken breast- either potato or rice again
10:00 "" with UBBrice
multivitamins/1500 IU vitamin d (very low in blood tests) and 5 liters of water per day.
3 tangerines and 1-2 red apples between meals.
50 minute fast walks every other day.

Friends and family say I look great, but there isn't a day I look in the mirror and i'm partially satisfied. I realize 1 year is very little and I think I will only be happy after another year of training. My hope is to go to the beach in a nice unico bikini and look decent. wierd I know. I haven't gone to the beach in the day for years and when I did it was with the gf at night and always fully clothed. I don't think I can ever get huge but I would be very happy if I got to 210 with lower body fat than I have now.

What other things can I do to help me maximize growth?
Can I take steroids indefinitely? meaning long term, of 2 or more years?

Again, I don't want children. I wouldn't mind finding a gf with a child and not so certain I want to get married. I'm hesitant to even have a GF since all they want to do is go out on days I need to train and other issues as well. They just don't seem to understand why I invest all this effort if I look great already. sheesh. I do have a lot of offers from girls so choosing is not an issue. not being egotistical but training/food will be priority over the GF.

I apologize for the long post. I have been thinking of posting this for a long time but was very nervous.


So you get test from a doctor anyway?

Cruise and blast.


Hi there, thanks for the reply.
Yes, I can take testoviron depot from the clinic, but after talking with my gym owner years back I spoke to my endocrine dr and persuaded her to let me take sus instead. It's more expensive but I like the feeling better as it gets in th body quicker and tapers off slower compared to the Tdepot which makes me really depressed at the end. I've been getting test shots since the age of 16. Basically no test, no boner. Addison's disease is a nightmare for a BB.

It was every 2 weeks , then she saw my test levels which was 150..like 4 times the normal amount (HAHAHA..I laughed my ass off when I saw her face HAHAHA!!- I denied that I was taking any vitamins but told her I was taking tons of protein powder..HAHA!)in my blood test and she said every 3 weeks, but I have a legit prescription for every 2 weeks, so I take that and hold it and if I can't get more sustamed then I use my backup stock. She knows I'm committed to my BB but she's a bit naive and I get the finger waving from here.

I do have in my possession a dr's stamp. I have used it before, but only for things like antibiotics and some pain medication here and there. I even have a stationary with the viagra logo so I can get as much sus as I want but I don't chance it because I don't want the pharmacies to ban me.

I only truly saw good progress with primo. Can't wait till I get my stock in. I love that rock hard feel.

Have a great day.

Oh, btw, what is cruise and blast..?

Since I don't want children(don't think I can anyway) can I take steroids non stop?


Cruise and blast is where you have brief periods of high dose (a cycle essentially) then you go back down to hormone replacement therapy doses.

How much sustanon and deca are you getting each week?


I apologize for the delay in reply. I'm having infrastructure issues with my internet.

Cruise and blast..haha..sounds awesome.

My prescription is for 2 sus every month. I do try to work it at different pharmacies and I can get 6 if I need to. Plus I got sustamed so I use those after the 6 I get from the pharma.

I have nandralona d in vials so I take 400mg and divide that by 3-4 days of injecting.
Meaning roughly 3/4cc injected over 3 days or 1/2cc over 4 days. so one day deca the next 250mg sustamed/sustanon. I'm waiting for my primo to come in for 2 months now. God dammit. only had 20 amps to work with last time. That's all he can bring every time. the guy goes out of the country to get it. The gym owners wife also love it so he brings her some too.

Btw, ever inject anywhere else besides the glutes? does it absorb differently in other areas or same same?
If anything I was thinking the quads. Just kinda worried about pain after the fact.

Btw, thank you for your help.


Quads are no issue for me. I rotate Right VG, right delt, left delt, right quad, left quad.

I cannot reach my left VG, or either glute on my own. Never have hit my glutes. When I first went on I was too big/inflexible to turn that far, and my general lack of coordination made it seem like a bad idea.


You do need a shorter needle for the quads, correct? I use a 23g needle which is a blue head for glutes. I do my injections. I can even spin back some and look at it. It took some time to get flexible like that. Used to use a 21g (green head)for a long time thinking it needed to go in so deep. But for months now 23g is good.
I take my time when injecting. I get nervous and play with it slowly (spin it a little if it doesn't go in right away) then slowly push it in. I've had time when my glute has a spazm fit when sticking it in, and then even more so when pushing in the oil. It happened a lot when I took stanozalol a few years back.

If you wouldn't mind, is there anything else I can do to maximize growth? Anything else I can take to slow down the cortisol?
Thanks again Big!


23g and 21g are the size, not length of needle

1 inch is ok for quads. If you have 1.5 just don't stick it in all the way, or do, I have and had no issues.


How many mL do you put in your quads and delts at one time?


I usually try and keep all injections around 1cc or less, but I have used 1.5 in delts. I saw no issue when doing so. No soreness, ect.

I think the most I have shot into my quads is 2cc. They were a little sore the next day, but sometimes they get sore regardless, so I am not sure how much had to do with the volume.

Thats more than is usually suggested I believe, but did not cause any issues with me.