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Can I Use Hcg to Stay On?


i read hcg will keep the gonads running while ON
does this mean instead of cycling
i can just STAY ON the good stuff
without having to come off after eight weeks
to recover?

never come off???


read more.

short answer is no.


There will be some suppression, or in some cases complete suppression, of natural LH production.

Particularly post-cycle, this is the last thing that is needed.

You don't have pituitary recovery if you don't recover LH production.


Dude do you think that if that was the case any of the 50 fuckin zillon posts on PCT would really exist. That would be pretty friggin sweet, but no.


I think I am reading his post differently from everyone.

I read it as: stay on test (or whatever) plus HCG basically forever.

This is essetially what test replacement guys do: test, HCG, adex, very low avodart .1/day.

Heck, I on that for a year and had one of the best lifting years of my life.


He specifically said "recover".

There is no recovery by staying on test forever, hCG or not


Is this guy for real...


The post is not the model of clarity, I agree.

He also said "stay ON."

The way I am reading "recover" is "keeping testicals functioning" whilst "ON" test. HCG does that.

I would encourage the original poster to clarify.


looks like the answer is no.
what i meant was
instead of being weeks on
testes shrinking
then come off
feel like shit
let them grow back
feel decent again
then get back on

i thought i could take hcg while on cycle
so i could stay on for as long as i can afford
years, even
with the hcg keeping the testes going
and then if i ever had to come off
there would be no recovery period because it will be as if i was never on

i dont understand everything here
but it looks like because of LH and pituitary,
ill have to continue to keep it at the classic eight weeks
unless i commit to never coming off again



It doesnt work like that.

testicular size =/= testicular function.

Your natural T production is still shutdown, regargless of hCG use. There is always a recovery period if you come off a cycle that shut you down.


The solution is to use HCG during the cycle to avoid the testicular shrinkage that you speak of.



I asked this a while back and got mixed answers...


HCG -can- increase the speed in which you recover from a cycle, but your hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis is still the boss.

Keeping your testicles at their normal size simply means that when the cycle is finished and the pituitary starts secreting LH again, your testicles have enough functional tissue to output the desired amount of testosterone. If your testicles have atrophied from lack of stimulation, when they begin receiving the message for T output, they do their best but must first grow larger to meet demands.

None of this matters if your HPTT axis is shutdown. It must decide if it wants to revert back to making equivocal levels of LH and therefore testosterone once the cycle is finished. This is where traditional PCT with tamoxifen and clomiphene citrate come into play, by blocking the ability of estrogen to exert its effect on the pituitary estrogen receptor, the homeostatic mechanisms of the body encourage LH secretion to raise the levels of estrogen (since the axis has been tricked into thinking there is less circulating than there actually is).

HCG does not solve the problem of HPTT shutdown. In fact, HCG contributes to shutting down the HPTT axis as it serves to raise testosterone independent of pituitary-derived LH, albeit not as severely as a respectable dose of exogenous testosterone does.