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Can I Use an Insulin Syringe to Inject HGH Cartridge?

Hi guys am new here and I don’t know if this is the right place for my topic so I apologise if it is not,
My source got humatrope 24mg/72iu cartridge but with no pen and I can’t get a pen so I was wondering if I buy the humantrope 24 can I use normal insulin srynge to inject my hgh?

You can use an insulin needle and syringe to inject HGH. That’s how most people do it. Aside from the pens, the majority of GH is injected subcutaneously with an insulin needle.

Even if it is a cartridge?
And if yes how about the math

Like how much iu from the mixture will contain 5 iu of hgh

The water will be 3.15ml for the 72 iu powder, if I want a dosage of 5 iu how much should I inject

Can you take a picture of the cartridge? If it’s what I think it is then you may need to find a pen. I may have to amend my previous comment because I was picturing something else. Apologies.

Here u go this is the cartridge

You need a pen.

Am confused now. Because I read here that u can

Any way I found an autopen on amazon
Same as the one in the picture can I use it for the humatrope 72? Since it is made for insulin cartridge
And if yes, if u want a 5

The pen pic

Hey Whitebeard,

I was grateful for the help and guidance Iron-yuppie gave me at the time and I’m happy
I can help you with this.

Looks like you’re dealing with the Lily Himattrope 72 IU cartridge, with the dilutent & plunger (the larger of the two pieces).

The math I did that you quoted was exactly for that. I triple checked it with various sources (including a helpful pharmacist) and it help up.

I used the product successfully by using an insulin syringe and inserting it through the rubber stopper on the cartridge and drawing what I needed.

Hope this helps.

I initially suspected that could be done, but then when I saw the picture I wasn’t so sure. I’m glad you were able to give some good, real world experience with it. That helps add to the knowledge base of the forum here, and I personally learned something. So thank you.

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Thanks man that’s great to know,
But if I can use the pen in the picture it will be easier for me
So If anyone have an experience with that pen
Please shear with us if it is useable

I see you are using humatropin. I have used the exact same hgh with the pen and with insulin syringes. The pen I have is an Eli Lilly pen.

Hi guys
I have a simple question can I put a humatrope cartridge 72uu in a phizer pen 36 iu and inject with it?