Can I Take Prami After Tren a Cycle with PCT

Im 2 days away from finishing my cycle of
tren a
test e
But I’ve been getting a little gyno especially this last week so I’m curious can I keep taking prami after I start my pct and should I keep taking the hcg for 2 weeks post cycle?
All I’m gonna take is
nolva 40,40,20,20

If your prolactin is high, sure. But I would recommend caber instead. Less side effects. I would really only take it as needed when prolactin is elevated. Get a blood test.

How so?

As galgenstrick said. Dopamine agonists only when prolactin is high and small doses.

You take hCG until 3 weeks after last pin. Then start PCT and drop the hCG.

You can take Pramipexole with PCT, it won’t interfere but I don’t think it’s necessary to take it 4 weeks after your last Tren A pin.
There’s a better option though. After you drop the Tren take P5P instead of Prami. Effective enough and no side effects.

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Perhaps it’s more anecdotal. From what I’ve seen guys get really sick (fever and puking) taking 0.5mg/day prami, especially if not tapering up. Regardless, I wouldn’t take either of those drugs unless it was absolutely necessary. They are nasty for your health and heart.