Can I Take Anavar Only?

hate to make this as my first post, but can i take only anavar.

also what is the cheapest oral and what else do you take for protection. Not a fan or injectables or at least not yet. i doubt i could ever inject myself and as i know i would screw it up with bubbles in it.

Look at the stickies at the top of the Steroid forum.





Well maybe.


shit will give u badass abz bro id go 4 it


I would not suggest doing an oral only cycle, especially one as weak as anavar.

Go look at the before and after pics in the “Anavar results” thread… nuff said!

Oh yea… bubbles shmubbles, they are easy to get out and little ones won’t hurt you. If you want an oral that is cheap and will put on size, get some d-bol. Make sure you take a SERM or AI if you decide to take d-bol.