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Can I Swap Dbol for Superdrol Mid Cycle?


So I’m 2 weeks into a dbol only cycle at 30mg per day and am getting really bad sides (mostly gyno). I have stopped the dbol fro 4 days now and been taking nolva 40mg aED and armidex 0.5mg eod and the gyno has almost vanished.

My question, I have run a superdrol only cycle before with no sides - can I just continue for the next 2 weeks of my cycle with 10mg superdrol per day?

Before I get flamed for oral only cycles - I work offshore (5weeks on 5 weeks offshore) and can take pct drugs with me offshore but not injectibles and the short time I am home rules out most injectible cycles.


just don’t use steroids then. I can’t believe you ran a superdrol only cycle with no sides. I’m guessing what you mean is ‘I didn’t see or feel any sides, but obviously I didn’t get bloodwork’. That about right? You almost certainly had sides that you simply didn’t notice.

Or you could use short esters (test prop) while you’re home, and just run 5 week cycles. If you insist on using steroids, this is likely a much better route than the one you’re taking. 5 weeks on/5 weeks off prop cycles w/ an oral wouldn’t be bad.

For fucks sake though, run adex from day 1 on your cycles. I don’t know how you actually thought you’d get away with running d bol without adex. Almost no one can do that successfully.