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Can I Stop Dbol for a Few Days?


So im going to be doing a dbol only cycle, i know this is not a “real cycle” and i know it woukd be much better if i added test but its my first cycle and what i want to do as a beginner. I will think about adding test in my next cycle.

I am going to start at 30mg for the first week and go to 40mg after that. I want to run it for 5-6 weeks only problem is i have a wedding out of town in 4.5 weeks. So my question is would it hurt if i stopped my dbol for 2 days while im gone and then start right back up when i get back. Is it going to f up my hormone levels in that shiort of time?

I have my clomid and i guess i could just stop at 4.5 weeks but i rather do it a full 5-6 weeks. Also just so you know i dont want to fly with my gear or drink while on it, this is why id be taking 2 days off of it.


How old are first of all?


I did this exact cycle for my first almost 15 years ago, and it was fucking stupid.

Get an AI, do 8-10 weeks of test only or test with a dbol kickstart, save the clomid for PCT.


Im 30 years old, 6’2 175, lbs.


172lbs at 6’2!!!

Dude, forget steroids, you need to fucking eat and lift some heavy weight first…


The reason I asked your age is because dbol only cycle sounds like what kids do in high school. You wait until you are ready to run a test only cycle.


Orals are crap unless you know exactly what youre doing and that isnt you.


It’s a dumb cycle, and you’re old enough to man up and pin. Seriously dude, that’s just ridiculous. “Because I just want to do it” is not a good reason for doing something dumb.

Aside from that though, Andy’s absolutely right, unless your goals are very different from the average steroid user. If your goals are something along the lines of ‘getting bigger and/or stronger’, then you need to learn to eat first, period. 6’2 175? How can you possibly think you’re at the point where steroids make sense? Not even close man. My guess is that you’ve reached a point where your gains are stalling, and you’ve decided that steroids are the best option going forward to get you over this hump. They aren’t. Not at that level. You haven’t learned to eat properly, without a doubt, and steroids won’t do a goddamn thing for you if you don’t figure this out first. You’re gonna run this dbol cycle, add about 10 lbs of water weight, gain some immediate strength from the fluid retention, and you’ll be excited and happy. By week 4 your gains will stop coming. A month after your cycle, you will be exactly who you were before you started, if not worse, given the fact that most people don’t recover 100 percent after any cycle. You’ll probably be about 95% of what you were, strength and size-wise.

What I’m saying is: have fun bro!


Omg i knew it was going to turn into this. I never asked for adivce about my cycle. I asked a specific questions about if i could take 2 days off and of course no one gave me an answer just same old crap about how dbol only sucks.

I know its not a great cycle and id gain a lot more if i was on test but its my first cycle and i dont want to inject. Dbol is one of the most potent aas there is. You guys cant tell me i will get nothing out of it, lots of people have had success on it before.

Dont tell me i need to eat and lift heavy and i dont know what im doing. I was 135lbs 2 years ago ive been busting my ass in the gym and put on 40lbs, 30 of which i did in 5 months eating crazy and doing gomad, had about 5000-6000 calories a day and it worked pretty good. I work out 6 days a week and lift hard and heavy. Ive hit a bit of a plateau, i would like to get to 190 and im sure dbol will be better than not taking anything. I can guarantee if i take dbol and eat 5000-6000 cals a day i will put on 25 lbs easy and if i can keep 8 to 10lbs of that in muscle ill be very happy, even 5. I know ill lose a lot of water weight but i will gain some muscle and muscle is muscle i wont lose that if i train and eat right. If you lost all your dbol gains then you didnt train, eat and do pct properly.

Ive done plenty of research on the topic and i wish i could use test with it, trust me i know how much better my results would be but im not comfortable injecting yet and i dont know why you people dont understand that some dont want to do that. Yes we know its far better to inject, health wise and everything but an oral only cycle still is better than nothing at all.

Can someone please just answee my original question, i would really appreciate it.


Well being 240lbs at 5’10 and 24yrs old, whilst also being an incredidibly long way off my goals, its hard to believe with your stats you “know what you are doing” and are eating and training correctly…

Im not gonna go back to your original question becuase if you continue or discontinue using DBol it isnt going to make any difference to your progress…


Dude maybe take it as a hint that all these random strangers who don’t even know each other are still looking out for your best interest and are all saying the same thing. Sometimes the advice you need isn’t the advice you want to hear.

The 2 days off doesn’t fucking matter dude. Doesn’t matter one bit. It won’t have any impact whatsoever. What matters is after the cycle, once you’ve gone the whole 4-6 weeks on dbol without taking an AI, and your E2 is through the roof so you have an unsuccessful PCT and lose all your gains pretty much instantly. You are going to get some strength and put on a lot of bloat but it will be fleeting and you’ll be left wishing you’d done a proper cycle. Stop being so arrogant and listen to someone who has done the exact stupid bullshit you’re about to do right now.

If you insist on dbol only (and “this is my first cycle” is a still dumb reason) the only smart way to do it is to take hCG and an AI throughout, then run a proper PCT. If you don’t know what an AI or hCG is, or what a “proper” PCT is then stop right now and do more research.


Congratulations Andy, I would never want to be 240 lbs even at my height let alone at 5’10 let alone 6’2. I’m not trying to look like I take steroids comma, like I said I would like to be around 190 lbs. I’m not worried about 1 or 2 days off hurting my results I want to know if it would mess up my hormones more so than they already would be on dbol only, especially if I’m going to be drinking, I’m not going to drink a ton but I’ve heard horror stories of people getting gyno from one night of drinking. So should I cut the cycle at 4.5 weeks or would 2 days off not taking and starting back up for 2 weeks not be that bad? Yes I realize you think the whole cycle is crap but if you were to do that cycle would you stop for 2 day ands get back on or would you just stop at 4.5 weeks?


Juggs I’m not being arrogant at all I absolutely know full well that using injectables would be far better I’ve stated that many times, I wish I could do the injectables but I just can’t for reasons that you guys would flame me even more for and call me a pussy and all that shit. I’m not being arrogant at all I understand your guys advice, ive read it everywhere ans research the hell out of it.

I know all about PCT I have my clomod ready. And I know all about Ai and HCG and from what I’ve researched most people say don’t take an AI on cycle unless you’re having gyno issues and need it. Wont an ai inhibit my gains?


Haha im not bragging or looking for praise, as stated I am a long way off what I look
at as my end goal… im just putting into perspective why I dont believe you are eating and training the correct way to warrant steroid use based on how light you are…

Either stop dbol now and start pct or stop dbol and start again in a few days, it really is going to make 0 difference… You are going to lose any gains you make whilst on dbol as soon as you stop using it anyway.


Thanks i appreciate the advice but are you telling me i will add zero lean muscle mass during this cycle? Becuase the lean muscle mass doesnt disappear after a cycle, it takes a while for muscle to break down. I know most is bloat and water weight but its an aas its going to build some muscle. I am going to continue eating and training hard, so you really think even 5 lbs of muscle added is imposible to keep. I think you are being disingenuous if you believe that. I know you guys are telling me whats best, i agree and believe you on most but you cant say someone will lose everything, arnold and many bbs had great success with dbol only. Yes i realize i dont have their genetics but dbol does help some people add size and muscle.


it would if you knew what you were doing, which you don’t, so it won’t.

Pin some test you moist, slippery pussy.


thread was a great read 10/10


also, this whole “Arnold did this” bullshit has to die.

Truth is nobody knows what the fuck Arnold did except a certain promiscuous ex-governer of California.

All over the internet there’s urban legend about all the shit Arnold (and every other O champion) supposedly did. There’s no way of knowing for sure and the guys that DO know sure as hell aren’t telling.


just fucking quit the cycle and start PCT and quit arguing about what you don’t fucking know… jesus.


Absolutely not. All an AI does is keep your estrogen from getting out of control, which is a good thing whether you get gyno or not. Keeping estrogen under control will limit the amount of water retention you get so you don’t inflate like the Sta-Puft Marshmallow Man. That’s not gains, it’s water, it will shoot your blood pressure through the roof and it’s bad for you in many other ways you can’t see. Run an AI and hCG throughout the cycle. You can even run the AI into PCT, and many recommend this to prevent rebound. You need to do more research.