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Can I Still Use Prohormones?

When the big ban came down on prohormones, I stocked up waiting for a time when I’d have a big chunk of time to use them. Well, I ended up getting a horrible tendonitis and missed the window last year.

So I’ve got some great bottles of M-1T amd 1-Ad pills and some bottles of 4-AD spray. Expiration on the M-1t was in april, and the others just say 2006 on them. And I know have the opportunity to use them.

Leaving aside wether I SHOULD use them, since I’ve answered that question for myself, is it SAFE to use them this close to the expiration?

I’m likely going to just ditch the m1-t and use the other two, but I wanted to make sure that chemically they were not likely to have broken down into anything harmful.


they are not unsafe.

they may have–though I doubt it if they were kept sealed in the proper environment–lost some potency.

By the way, I read your other post–

I would begin taking the product now or at least a few days before your break. Give them time to build up in the system.

Thanks for the advice - I will! They’ve definately been kept at room temp in the dark and sealed. I’ve done PHs before, so I know basically what to expect - though these are a bit more potent than what I used the last time.

You may want to look into putting them in the fridge.

Not sure what brand item you have, but I know MAG-10 stayed good longer frozen. Worst case scenario is the stuff will not be as potent, but it is unlikely.