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Can I Still Benefit from Full-Body, High-Frequency Training?

Hey guys, need some advice on a new training routine.
I’m 35 and been training for 6 years. The first four got me up to 215 pounds bodyweight from 135 and reasonably strong. I started with a full body routine then moved to various splits from then on out.
The past two years things have only downhill; for various reasons I’ve lost strength and mass, and my numbers on the big 3 are down near beginner levels. I’ve had a few back injuries that led to major setbacks, but I’m healed up now and ready to get back to lifting heavy.

My question is this: could I still benefit from full-body, high frequency training? I know I won’t get those newbie gains again but I’m looking to bring my numbers back up on the big lifts and try and build mass again. The 5 day, PPL and upper/lower splits aren’t doing it for me mentally and full body training is calling to me. The first routine I ever used was All Pros beginner routine and it worked well. I’d like to try it again but unsure if it would do anything for me at this stage.

Any suggestions?

Your numbers will probably come back faster than you gained them, your body is smart like that. I don’t have a cool name for this, muscle memory usually gets thrown around but maybe double newbie gainz or zombie newbie gainzzZzz would be better.

Run through a bunch of Waterbury’s fullbody templates and can get in great shape. -‘SOB’ ‘Waterbury method’ and ‘Summer project’ all worth a try

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