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Can I Sterilize a Vial in an Oven?


Just being a bit of a perfectionist but will I dammage the rubber top of my home brew vials if I sterilize it in the oven?

If its ok at what temp and how long would I need to leave it in?


I would soak, then rinse it in alcohol first, then bake at maybe 100C for 10-20mins.


Wait - what rubber stopper? Are you talking about sterilizing the outside of sealed sterile vials?

If so i truly regret posting today.


I have some vials filled with some gear. I used a .22iu filter to fill the vials, but I would like to put the vials with the gear inside in the oven. To sterilize the liquid inside. I was wondering if the rubber stopper would be dammaged from the heat of the oven.

Also when a vial is empty could it be sterilized and reused the same oven method and just buy new stoppers?

Thanks Brook


Don't put rubber in the oven. Jeez.


Sorry Bonz no offence. I was wondering if at that low a temp 203F the rubber would be effected.


I wasn't offended. I just don't think it's a great idea to possibly mess with the integrity of the rubber that you are going to stick a needle through.


Look - you seem to not really understand the logistics of all this, although you have strongly expressed the contrary on a number of occasions.

Heating oil does NOT sterilize it. You also should have already heated the oil - BEFORE filtering.

The rubber stopper wont be damaged with the level of heat i suggested BUT i am not saying this is a green light as there is absolutely no need for you to do it.

Assuming you buy sealed sterile vials to put your gear in (i hope to god it is just you using the 'product' you have 'made') are you asking once you have used the oil inside, can you sterilize them yourself to use again?

For one, this takes more equipment than you have - and you would need both a crimper and a decrimper totalling at least $300. For two - ready to use vials cost about $1. Cant you afford $1?

Short answer. No. To EVERYTHING, just no.


If you are trying to be more safe, then trying to heat up the gear in the vial won't help. The only way to sterilize gear that is in a vial satchet, etc that you suspect isn't clean is to run it through a filter. If you want to reusue a sealed vial you either think it's clean or don't use it. You can't sterilize it by heating it in the oven. You would kill live germs, but there shouldn't be any in there and that's not sterile, just dead germs. If you want to be super safe like you seem to want to, heat the oil/gear(not too much or for too long) and run it through a filter into a new sealed sterile vial. That's really what Brook is saying, he's just more exasperated.


No its all good with Brook. He has helped me alot. He makes me research the crap out of stuff before I ask. I have to quit asking or writing things outloud without thinking them through more.

Very dumb question on my part about reusing vials. I just would like to keep mail with these type items to a minimum. $1 is not to much.

When making my stuff I heated it up just long enough to see no hormone swirls. I dont think it was long enough to kill anything. I used the .22 filter so its all good.

Thanks guys enough said


Rule of thumb:

Heat is to dissolve your powder. At most ratios heat is not even necessary but it does speed up the production process.

Filtering is for sterility. A .45um is probably sufficient for gear in which already pretty clean ingredients were used. Personally, though, I don't use anything other than .2 or .22um filters ever.

The stuff you always hear on bro boards about putting vented vials in the oven to "sterilize" gear is wrong-headed. The only reason it "works" sometimes is in cases where the BA content was probably too high, and heating serves to evaporate some of the BA and make the gear less painful. In this case, it does have merit.

Incidentally, those rubber/butyl stoppers are freaking tough. You can, indeed, put them in the oven and their integrity remains intact even at pretty high temperatures for extended periods of time. In fact, one time, in my "apprenticeship," I put a couple of vented vials in my fish oven, because standard ovens pretty much do not exist here. Well, a fish oven is a very small oven that uses open-flame gas. What this means is that it gets MUCH hotter than your typical standard oven. Well, when I went to check on my vials, the plastic had melted completely off of the needle, coating entire vial and the tray of my oven in melted plastic that I later had to scrape off with a knife. The stopper, however, despite expanding a little under the heat, went back to a perfectly normal state after cooling.

One more thing: I was worried about the plastic having gotten into the gear, but I went ahead and injected anyway because I didn't want to waste it (of course a small amount at first). Yeah, probably a pretty stupid idea, but it turned out that everything was fine. A very comical learning experience, it was.


Oh, and in an emergency, a vial used once should, in theory, be perfectly fine to use again, provided there has been no foreign matter injected in and the integrity of the stopper is intact. I have reused vials in a pinch for personal use.

Of course its always much better and safer to use a brand new vial.

And yeah, please do not take any of the above as "advice." It is nothing of the sort.


Exactly right - exasperated IS the word. This whole site makes me exasperated - i only stay due to some sick form of self punishment and deluded sense of loyalty.. ;D

And Alpha F..


My friend was looking for some answers awhile back about hot to get rid of excess BA in test but didn't hear much back. He tried mixing it with a different batch but that didn't seem to help either. Not to high-jack the thread but can you provide some details on how to "bake" a bottle of test to lessen the amount of BA ? THANKS!!!


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BBB I changed the post to .22. It is very important on here to correct posts to prevent future mistakes by beginers like myself. I did not heat my stuff +30 min longer after the hormone swirls were gone. I went off Basskillers recipe for 20%BB, 2%BA. Nothing on there said heat 30 minutes longer.

I guess thats what I get for not asking here first. I would lke to see a "best practice" homebrew sticky. We all have things to add.


I know you get frustrated with the newbys (me) lack of understanding. I want you to know that all you vets here have helped me and others alot. You are not just spinning your wheels. One problem I am having with research is that methods of homebrewing changes over time. Take for example the Finiplex recipe. By the way I will never make Tren from pellets again, what a pain in the A! I will buy powder next time.