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Can I Start Tren E and Test E Together? HCG for PCT?

I am buying tnt which has 250mg test e and 150 mg tren e per ml. Can i do that or do i need start test first? Also is 5000 hcg enough for pct for that?

Bro the simple fact your asking this question speaks volumes.

Plz don’t use any tren right now and hcg is not a pct drug.

Matter fact plz don’t use steroids until you do some more research


My bad for wording like idk shit. I also got nolva for pct and adex for during and if i need ill order caber. i just wanna know if i should use hcg during or after?

Don’t use hcg at all keep it simple

Disclaimer: I don’t like hcg and I thinks it’s extremely unnecessary for someone who cycles so I’m just giving my opinion

Understanding what HCG does, will give you the answer you seek.

Dont i need hcg with tren?

Not necessarily. Some people complain of testical pain from atrophy. This is generally something that happens if your testicals have been shut down for a long time.

If your cycling your nuts won’t atrophy in a few months. Hcg is just going to raise estrogen on a tren cycle and make side effects worse and estrogen control harder.

Will my testicles start working normally after the nolva pct without hcg? Also if you don’t mind me asking, are you speaking from experience? Thanks

You shouldn’t use tren your first cycle.

This further let’s me know you should not be using steroids.

Whenever I’m not speaking from experience I will make that clear in my statement by saying things like “my understanding” or something you need to do “thru research”

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You’re either a moron, a troll, or both. The fact that you have done so little research is frightening.

100% factual and true answer. No, your balls may never bounce back and work again after your cycle. Truth. The goal and hope is that they do, but go read and do research. Plenty of folks have issues for years after.

You’re clearly young, take a step back and reevaluate.

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