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Can I Start HCG Later?

I’m starting TRT for first time this week (52 years old).
I’ve been prescribed HCG. My question is: Can I start HCG later (six months to a year) and get my nuts back if I choose to do so at that point? Right now I don’t really care about fertility or cosmetics.

Yes you can start HCG whenever you want, if HCG fails to improve fertility there’s always FSH injections which is far more effective than HCG alone.

Testicular atrophy will be reversed in about two weeks. Fertility may take a little while longer, so if you are planning on conceiving, start the hCG about three months prior.

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Does this Promote natural production of T or not because it’s just one of the two.

Hcg promotes natural

Ok so that means FSH doss not right? Thank you. Never heard of these injections. Going to look into it.

I don’t know about the other ones. All I know is hcg promotes natural test production.

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