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Can I Start a Cycle After Hemorrhoid Operation?

I recently had hemorrhoid operation (11 days ago) .im still healing but its better.Im intersted in starting test e or test cyp 250 mg per week,10 weeks as my first cycle,covered with aromasin as my AI.Can you tell me if it will effect the healling of the wound?WIll it slow it down?I dont plan lifting heavy since i cant do so for month at least,i would try and go for pump and isolation.I really want to start this cycle but im afraid it will have an impact on my operation wounds healing and i will fuck it up even more…

You need a real Doc opinion on this. Why not wait for 2-3 months or until fully healed and recovered? I think the dose is too small. How old are you? I only ask age, because younger guys have higher Test levels, older guys have lower. Was not meant as insult.

That size dose will probably barely put you over a 1000 for Free Test. 100-140 mgs of Test puts me at 855. You are going to shut down your natural Test levels for levels that are just above natural. Not even worth it when looking at rewards for the risk.

I wont really talk about my doc for this.,Im 19,will be 20 in half a year.I decided to go this path long time ago, i planned 250 mg a week 1st cycle and 500 mg a week 2nd cycle in summer,i heard a lot of people got great gains out of 250 to 300 mg and they say going over for 1st cycle is overkill…
Doctor that was in charge of puting me on operation said i will be able to workout normaly after a month and a half,but i wanted to start injection now since u need 2 weeks to 3 to see resoults from long ester.I had in mind a sertain look for around new years and i plan on getting it,i just need that little edge from test,im starting that low to see how my body reacts to it.

You are too immature and not ready for gear. You just had a procedure done removing or fixing hemorrhoids and you have been told to wait to work out for at least a month to a month and half. You cant even listen to what a Dr. has told you. Test injections are not going to give you an edge when you can’t even work out. Stop looking for short cuts and put your time in the gym and your diet.

What about PCT? or AI’s if needed?

I didnt ask for someones opinion what shall i do or not with my life,dont try to convince me otherwise,i asked if someone knew the direct effect of gear on healing wounds.I trained 3 years naturaly and i will be able to workout i just wont be able to lift as heavy,doesnt mean i cant focus on isolation like i once did and got gains anyways…And dont tell me about diet proper training and stuff,been there done that i have my reasons to get enhanced.I will do it anyway its just a question will the first pin fall on januar 1st or in few days…And dont try to tell me “reach ur natural limit first” because that statement makes zero sense.I have aromasin,suicidal inhibitor to kill excess of estrogen,and i have plans for pct,clomid (50 50 20 20) and nolva (40 40 20 20).

Man, you’re just a little child. Not because you’re 19 - we have 17 year olds on here that are way more mature. You don’t deserve anyone’s help or advice. See you in a few years when your dick doesn’t work.

Good luck buddy. With your attitude, dont expect anyone to really help you.

To answer your question, using Steroids is great for healing wounds. I just didnt want you to know. You should have already started. I am surprised your Dr didnt tell you this.

Apologies for the edits, but I just found new information about the amazing healing abilities Deca has for wounds when stacked with Test.


Lmao this can’t be a serious post

P. S. Tren and clen will make you hemroid proof in the future


Thanks for the answer,that was all i was looking for,and i apriciate it,dont missunderstand me im not mad at your answers or smth,i just have my goals in mind and im bound to go and achieve them.

I dont need faster healing,i just need to know that test only cycle i will go wont slow down healing proces of almost totaly healed wound(i healed a lot quicker and they were suprised)but i still wont go heavy weights so i dont put to much pressure on that region,i started training anyway a day ago,slow and steady,still not enhanced