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Can I Run 1.5 Miles in 9 Minutes But Train 2x/Week?

I know the title sounds a little cookie cutter but I don’t want a negative impact on my recovery, Will this adequately train my legs also (Running that distance or more to reach that goal) I want to do this because I’m thinking about the reserves, I know if I did a tour a great deal would be lost but I’m sure because my body once had the weight beforehand you can put it back on quickly… that’s to my knowledge currently I’m doing a powerlifting orientated plan (Wendlers 5/3/1)

Definitely possible, especially if you are under 200lbs.

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Not really too difficult or too contrary. More depends on how difficult you’d like the run to feel.

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Short answer yes you can. It will affect your lifting to some degree however small.

Feels like this has been done to death on this forum:

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The whole jogging and training thing is way overblown.

It certainly won’t hurt your recovery lifting two days a week.

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Do you have the forever book? It has lots of 2 day programs which have 3 days of hard conditioning and a couple light days.

I would just do one of those with whatever hard and easy conditioning means for your running.

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Thanks for all the replies!, I’ll give it a try, should I run on the weekends when I have 2 off days or should I do it on my EOD off days

Keep it away from your lifting if possible

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I’m probabaly going to take strongmans advice and look at that cardio programme, It’ll probabaly be hard becayse my goal lifetime weight is 185lbs just because I want tobreach a good FFMI, I am 18 now and want to go for it when I’m 21, I’ll probabaly start some time in February/June or whenever my PT course ends as then I can affird the pro biotics I need for my IBS-C then I can run better as when I have my flares I get reflux and it’s hard to breathe when running, the pro biotics I used are expensive but they worked really well so they will heal me for a long peeiod of time so it won’t matter if I was to go away.