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Can I Reuse My Syringe and Needle?

Im out camping and I stayed here for one more week than I was planning. I did my last shot with an insulin needle 8 days ago. I did not swab it afterwards. Do u think I can use it again today I I swab the needle before using it?

KS man said this a time ago:

“About reusing needles: You can swab your skin, but it is never sterile. For those with a good immune system, the effect of a new needle VS one that was used, swabbed and stored is insignificant. Note that your immune system is doing battle at your skin barrier all of the time, business as usual. Can you get an infection or inflammation from reusing your own needles? Yes, but you can get the same events from new needles as well.”

But he swapped it directly after injection I think. I did not. I just did the shot, put on the cap and now it has been there for 8 days, can I just reuse it if i swab the needle?

What do u guys think?

Not recommended. But can be done. Always a risk for infection. Did you just lock down the safety device and toss it in a dirty bag. Or put the cap code on it.

If it we’re me id clean my hands good squeeze the alcohol from prep pads into the syringe plunger out. Replace plunger and shake. Maybe let it sit for a couple mins they squirt it out. Swap the needle back to tip so you don’t bend the beveled tip. Then do what you gotta do. Edit* obviously it is a bad idea to reuse needles. I have over 1000 on hand so I never have issues with this and when I plan to inject away from home I always bring extra incase there is an incident. However That being said if I were looking at not being able to inject for a week and missing my dose I would most likely resort to resusing one that I cleaned to the best of my ability. If I was IM i would probably just do SQ I would rather introduce something into the fat tussue then into the muscle.

No, do not reuse your needles! Add to the fact your in an environment that is unsanitary.