Can I Restart My HPTA?

Hi can i restart my hpta when my labs before trt (3 years) was
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And whats meen low fsh?

It’s likely, but why would you want to quit TRT?

A low FSH points to a pituitary issue and or a problem with the hypothalamus.

In our country is trt on prehystoric lvl. So many times iam thinking that my life pre trt was very bad from tedtosterone or other things (i had chronic ebv and lyme) i started useantibiotics and imune medics for one year but i was looking for better days i tried trt to on sustanon 250
125 mg every 7 days i felt like a shit i try propionate eod 20mg and still felt like a shit for long time when i try 25 mg eod i was sick big brainfog and sweeling … about year i go on 40mg prop or 20/day and everything was good fitness, sleeping, no libido but i hadnt ever ED.
I think that trt for good feel its okay only when all systems is ok adrenald glands,thyroid,…
So my body must now have been okay.
I dont accept that i must pining for my full life and i must buying gear and labs alone. I cant pin ugl its to much pain for me