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Can I Reboot After T Therapy Injections


Just curious on any insight. I had been on t injections almost a year and decided I want too compete in natural body building. 2 year minium off the injections. My doc stopped me cold turkey end of last month. I can tell I’ve bottomed out. 44 year old male. T level was 600+ week after I stopped. How long in average should it be before my body will start back on its on? Shots were every 2 weeks


Well you are 44 and you were on trt for a year so an hpta restart at this point will probably be a difficult, but not impossible task. Nobody can tell you when or if your body will recover. Is that bodybuilding contest so important that you are willing to risk your hormones to compete?


Did you suffer from hypogonadism or why you ended up using in the first place? Did you experiment with steroids and didn’t do proper pct? Usually you are stuck with trt for life.

It’s still impossible to say how long it possibly takes if somehow a restart would occur.
To put it this way, you won’t make gains in the gym, you start to carry more fat and can’t fight it off really, your libido will be non existent and most likely erection as well not to mention the negative psychological effects.

You might want to try restart with clomid perhaps hcg.
As such, no person or doctor in the world can answer your question. It’ll be trial and error bro.
I wish you good luck, it’s noble cause and IF you can restart to sensible T levels, consider yourself super lucky.

P.S: IF doc stopped you from getting TRT cold turkey just based on your levels. he’s hideous.


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