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Can I Really Be Burning 30 Calories in 20 Seconds on the Airdyne?

Did 20 second sprints every 2 minutes x 5. My airdyne registered 28-32 calories per sprint and was not adding calories during the breaks.

I also pedaled slow for 20 seconds to see if there was some kind of build in, time based calories and at half of my sprint RPMs its only about 4-5 cals per minute.

Sprint RPMs were about 120.

I did end up lying on the floor for quite a while at the end.

I wouldn’t think so.

Does not sound appealing to me tho but I’m just a fat powerlifter


5,400 kcal Burned Per Hour

Hypothetically, that would equate to burning 5,4000 kcal per hour.

Does that make sense to you?

The Problems

The Airdyine is providing you with incorrect information. The amount of kcals it is “Registering” is incorrect.

  1. Carido as well as Heart Rate Monitors that provide calories burned are notorious for Over Estimating the number of calories burned.

Joe Smith, exercise physiologist at UCSF’s Human Performance Center said the overestimation is not surprising.

“I think the estimations are just that. You can’t necessarily believe everything you read on those machines,” Smith said.

While the calorie counters are based on VO2 data, the calculations are susceptible to many variables based on the user’s height, age and body fat that could skew data, Smith said.

  1. “You can 't out train a bad diet.”

A diet with a caloric deficit the is first and the Most effective method for decreasing body fat/weight.

Exercise is secondary. Exercise minimally increases caloric expenditure

Excess Post Oxygen Consumption, EPOC

What most important is the increase in you metabolic rate that can be produced afterward with a high intensity training session.

Over Charging Your Metabolic Credit Card

High Intensity Training essentially over charges your “Metabolic Credit Card”.

As with any credit card, if you can’t pay off the bill immediately you are allowed to make “Time Payments” with interest.

That means you end spending/burning more calories hours after your High Intensity Training Session to pay off your “Metabolic Credit Card”.

khangles’ provide you some information on that.

Kenny Croxdale