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Can I Reach My Goal?

Hey everyone. I’m 19 years old, 5 9, and weigh about 145 pounds. I’m not fat, but I’m not muscular either. I just started getting into weight lifting and I’ve been working out for about 3 months. I bench about 115 and squat 155.

I need help setting a solid goal for the end of summer (mid August). I want to be able to bench 155 and squat 170+. Now comes the worst part. I’m a vegetarian, so I don’t get much protein in my diet and I don’t know what to do!

Can I reach my goals and if not what should I expect? Any advice or suggestions about routines or protein supplements will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

stop being a little bitch and eat meat

Anyone who tells you you can’t make strength gains while being a vegetarian is either

a) an idiot
b) spouting off bullshit they heard on a web forum
c) trying to sell you something. Probably meat.

Those are solid goals, but you can and should be able to make much better gains in the squat by the end of the summer (12 weeks). Probably closer to squatting 205.

What you’ll need is a solid training program. I recommend Rippetoes, because it’s created those kind of results for others on this forum. If you’ve been doing Rippetoes already, up the volume to Madcows 5x5 or Rippetoe’s Texas method (also a 5x5).

Being vegetarian is no excuse to not be getting a ton of protein. Whey is cheap and effective. If you’re vegan, pea and soy protein will also work. Nuts, beans, and pasta are all also decent in the protein department. make sure you’re getting a gram of protein each day per pound of bodyweight (150 right now, more as the summer goes on and you get bigger).

Also, make sure you’re packing in the calories needed to fuel growth. Bodyweight x 20 in calories is generally recommended. Which means 3000kcal each day. Use a food log to make sure you’re getting enough. If you’re not sure, err on the side of eating too much. The cleaner your food choices are, the better your gains will be, but a little junk can go a long way.

Here’s Rippetoes

Vroom’s thread at the top of the beginner’s forum has an index of good nutrition articles by John Berardi. Read them if you haven’t.

Good luck, keep us posted with your progress :slight_smile:

Ok Thanks Otep. I’m going to start Rippetoes the following week and update in 2 weeks or so

Thanks again!

[quote]kingajay89 wrote:
Ok Thanks Otep. I’m going to start Rippetoes the following week and update in 2 weeks or so

Thanks again![/quote]

Update when you weight 180

[quote]son of liars wrote:
Update when you weight 180[/quote]


Unless you run into trouble, at which point post in this thread.

ok sounds good. Thanks again


Everything is going great with Rippetoes. I just have a problem getting my calorie intake up to what I need.

I’m getting about ~2200 a day. I have random snacks(healthy ones) during the day which adds up like ~500 or so. I just can’t seem to get up to ~3000. Any ideas?

Protein Shakes, with virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil, peanut butter, bananas or whatever sounds good to you in them so you’ll drink them - 3 of them a day. Many supplement companies make protein supplements using rice or hemp protein. I would stay away from soy protein of you’re going to consume large amounts.

Rice protein’s amino acid profile is 97% that of whey protein’s and is usually a bit cheaper even. Hemp’s amino acid profile is comparable but it tends to be a tad more expensive.

Check around.


After about 3 months of Rippetoes I’ve made some ok gains.

Squat: 195
Bench: 135
Weight: 147

I think the reason i didn’t reach the goals i set at the start of summer was because i was unable to follow Rippetoes consistently for the 3 months (class, trips, etc).

I would like to start some other training plan now though. Don’t get me wrong i like Rippetoes, but i just want to try something different now.

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Thanks!

Eric Cressey’s book - Maximum Strength.

The texas method. Im almost done with the rippetoe program too and as soon as I hit a wall, im switching to the texas method. Otep knows his stuff. Heres a link to the stronglifts verson:

[quote]jck524 wrote:
stop being a little bitch and eat meat[/quote]

rofl that had my dying ty