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Can I Open the Indigo Capsules


Can I open the Indigo capsules- I am vegetarian



LOL... If I were spending that much on a supplement, I don't think I'd be screwing around maybe spilling a dose all over because I was afraid of a little animal collagen.

You vegetarians confuse the fuck out of me. Seriously, can you use some rational thought here? What difference does it make if you swallow the entire capsule or waste your time de-capsuling the indigo? Does one way save an animal and the other way not? NO. It doesn't fucking matter.

Swallow the fucking capsules whole.


I know some of the guys on the Indigo team have tried it. From the sounds of it, the experience was not pleasant for them. If you can't bring yourself to just take the capsule, I suppose you could open them. It would probably be equal parts disgusting and messy to do that for 12 caps a day though. I love the stuff and I don't think I would go that far to get it in


Save your money and let someone who will put Indigo-3G to good use have it.


I dont understand vegetarians either.

Cant live in modern society without being a massive hypocrite

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First post. Hello everyone. As a vegetarian I have this problem a lot, I just break open capsules and enjoy the contents with some water. Who cares about taste? I commend you on being a vegetarian... Most if not all of us non meat eaters are FAR from perfect, but who is? Bashing people for what they want to put in their bodies is a bit of a waste. Live and let live, ya know?


Why are vegetarians always hyper defensive. Yes always. There was no bashing here.



Not everyone avoids meat for ethical reasons.

Some also do it for religious reasons. So yes, it makes a difference to them.


Sorry about being defensive, I'm just trying to live in modern society without being a massive hypocrite.





It's fine, vegetarians believe in at least one more "cause" than I do. Wouldn't do it, but hell if that's your deal then go for it.

I might even crack open an Indigo-3G capsule now because you vegetarians are making me feel like a pussy.


Hey if you don't want to eat meat, that's great. More for the rest of us. The only thing I can't understand is how anal retentive vegetarians act. Is avoiding something as minuscule as a capsule really going to provide you with some peace of mind you would not otherwise get?


Actually, yes.

Vegetarianism is mostly a sort of self-righteous, channeled OCD.

Not to make you veggie kids cry, but I'm pretty sure a few molecules of ol' Bessie ended up in the supps, anyway.

Purge and scourge, kiddos.


There is no difference.. If anything the religious one has put even less thought into what it means to be a veggie and is only doing it because of "tradition" or because their imaginary friend told them it was cool.

I don't understand why religion makes an otherwise irrational activity significant of respect.

One person avoiding meat every Friday is crazy, but as a religious tradition it's rational?


I'm not trying to argue that having religious beliefs are rational.

I'm saying that some people hold personal beliefs, and to THEM it makes a difference. Notice how I said to them and not to you? I'm not arguing the rationality of their position.

I mean if a muslim came onto this board asking for an alternative to supplement x because it contains pork products, would you just tell them it makes no difference and they should just give up their beliefs?


I understand that and agree with you.

I question the rationality of any Muslim. However they can get protein through sources other than pork. If Indigo was packaged in a pork-derived gelcap than I'd tell them tough. That's the way they packaged it, why should they change their process for your irrational beliefs? You can only buy what people are willing to sell.

If a muslim had to take some medicine that was derived from pigs to save his life or recover from a serious illness and didn't, I would question their intelligence.


Just do it. If you weren't going to, you wouldn't have even asked in the first place.


No. An animal died in vain to produce the capsules you're planning to throw away.


We can SURVIVE on a pure vegan diet for the short run, as a species an omnivore diet has helped us survive. For the vegans who say they've done well for many years I'll show you generations (USA) that have a crap diet and are still functioning into old age. What about the native people in the Artic circle that thrive on a diet that has ~5% of the kcal from vegetation? By vegan logic this shouldn't happen but it does.
I know one vegetarian athlete that follows a balanced (pro/carb/fat) diet. No dead animals but he puts away more eggs, cottage cheese, milk, etc than anyone. If you look at Bonez link and do a little searching, check out any 4-H club, you'll realize it's impossible to avoid consuming/using animals. Even the Buddists ride in cars with windshields that have a shatterproof coating made with a product derived from cow carcass.


I've been a vegetarian for years. The ONLY reason I gave it up is for ethical reasons. The treatment of animals by the commercial meat industry is something I can't tolerate. Many, many vids on youtube if you want to look. Of course people can live off of meat, no vegan or vegetarian I know would dispute that. It can actually be harder for some people to live a healthy lifestyle meat free. Lots of "us" eat tons of eggs & dairy, some don't. I don't do milk or eggs, but I live off of whey protein. No one can be perfect, and the fact that my windshield has cow in it doesn't mean I should just give up my beliefs and have a hamburger.