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Can I Myofascial Release a Chronic Injury?


Hi friends,

As most of you know I am suffering from a chronic adductor strain. I have seen a number of massage therapists and all of them have been unsatisfactory. Although I have discovered with the right tools(baseball and my fingers), I am able to find some very tender spots in my adductors.

Question is; is it safe to myofascial release areas that are recovering from a chronic strain?
It has been about 7 weeks, and although they are improving I feel I still have some recovering to do. I dont want to do more damage or increase my recovery time!

Side note: the most tender spot is where the adductors attach to my pelvis in the lower abdominal area. I am finding that with the baseball there are some super-tender spots that are just begging to be released. :slight_smile:



i don't know.

i've recently been having trouble with my calf. feels like there is a big long ropey tendon or section of the muscle belly or something that is all cramped up. i can release it - but it promptly cramps up again. maybe i need to be more vigerous with releasing it? maybe i need to gently massage it with a roller rather than getting too stuck in? maybe i need to leave it the hell alone? i really can't tell...

when in doubt...

how about taking things a bit more slowly (just to prevent your possibly re-injuring yourself). more gentle work aimed at elongating the length of the muscle and getting the muscle to relax. i kinda feel like you sorta know when you are ready to release things without injury... but i probably err on the side of caution and probably take a lot longer with this whole process than someone would who knows more. perhaps.


Try it for a week, see how you feel and act accordingly, but my guess is it should help.


No dont do direct soft tissue work on the aggravated area, but do it every where else, quad, IT, Ham, calf, gtutes. Get a little more aggressive in some spots and use a lacrosse ball. Make sure every other area on your WHOLE body is moving optimally and it well postively affect the stress of your adductor.


There is no such thing as 'myofascial release.' End of story. There is no research to justify it's use and no scientifically defensible theory to support any claim ever made by those using MFR. MFR is a fancy term for soft tissue work. People pay lots of money to rub skin and say they are impacting a tissue without any reliability or validity.

Simply take your hands and rub the spot that hurts. Don't waste your money (or the insurance companies') to have someone billing you for a fraudulant intervention.

There is nothing wrong with soft tissue work to the area of irritation. Any manual therapist that tries to reject this has never opened a research or scientific journal.


We cannot 'lengthen' muscle unless we add sarcomeres. The research tells us it take LONG duration stretching to do this. Far beyond normal stretching routines. The second we stop using this range, it goes right back.


Stop hitting yourself in the crotch with a baseball and I think you'll be fine.

kidding aside i have no idea