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Can I Mix GHRP6 and HCG Into Same Vial?


I am going to be using both 3x/w and both are going to be subq before bed.

Can anyone think of a reason I can't just mix the two of them in the same sterile vial and shoot them both at the same time?


They’re both going into your body, I certainly can’t see why they can’t be in the same vial at the same time.

Then again I’ve been wrong about all sorts of other stuff before.


Look into Trissels handbook on Injectible drugs. It should be able to answer that question. I have a copy at work, so if you can’t find an online copy, I can look for it on Monday.

EDIT: I sometimes forget the caliber of subjects we are discussing. The aforementioned would not have HcG and GHRP lol, my bad. You could mix the two in the same syringe or new vial, if nothing precipitates or no visible reaction occurs (bubbles, heat released, etc) you could reasonably presume it is fine to do so in the future. You might waste the dose though.


I think you’ll be ok, but do as EgnatiosJ said.

He seems to be a pretty knowledgeable guy :wink:


I doubt a published medical book is going to have information on mixing non-pharmaceutical peptides such as GHRP-6. One can look, but…

There is no pharmaceutical reason that I can see against it, and I do mixtures such as that myself.

Both can do fine in the same diluent, and neither would react with each other.


awesome. thanks guys. I figured it would be ok but wanted to check with you all to see if anyone knew something I didn’t. I will let you guys know how it works out.