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Can I Max Out 2 Days In A Row?


Nice progress!

If it’s any condolence, we girlies don’t mean any harm lol


You’re here to drain his super powers! Curse you!


Srsly tho the study suggests a little bit of bedroom cardio doesn’t make a significant difference but perhaps pushing the variables a bit e.g. more frquent more vigorous (however that’d be measured lel) sexual activity over a longer period of time say weeks vs abstaining. Perhaps taking a measure of max extension torque at the hip joint instead of knee joint because hip extension is where all the fucking power is. I’d be curious how it’d turn out (probably still little to no difference). Endurance might be affected but that’s not really applicable to powerlifting.


So what’s the deal now? We don’t hear back from you and I see you posting bench PRs on IG. What is your plan at this point?


My apologies, I’ve been following the program but admittedly I’m too lazy to start a typed-out log on my progress, much rather record my progress through video


I saw the videos you posted on IG, if you are determined to do heavy singles then don’t go to an actual max, at least not regularly. A better way to do it is to work up to about 90-94% and if it goes well (as in relatively fast and easy, not an all out grind) then add 5-10lbs next week. It involves taking a step back from all out maxes but it causes less fatigue and gives you room to progress. Like this you could be setting new PRs in a few weeks without actually maxing out, you never need to max out in the gym at all.

With the program I wrote, the idea is to add weight to all exercises every week, but small jumps (5-10lbs). After doing that same setup for 6 weeks or so you could deload and then switch to higher intensity, like heavy triples or doubles instead of 5’s and then something like 6-8 sets of 3 with 70-75% after, and change up some of the other exercises too. If you need advice then feel free to ask.

If you want your bench to pass in a meet then you have to make a couple changes, the main thing is that you are bouncing the bar off your chest. In a meet you have to pause the bar on your chest and wait for the judge to give you the “press” command, so if you intend to do a meet then start pausing your benches on at least one day (some benching without a pause is good too though) and control the weight as it comes down to your chest, even if you are doing touch and go bench. Also don’t count lifts where someone is touching the bar.


Yes, admittedly that bench was horrible haha. When I get above 92% on bench, I usually can’t get to lockout when I do the 2 second pause at the bottom. I’m trying to work on that by pausing all of my working sets that are outlined in the program.

I’m following your program with squats and bench pretty closely, but my body works a little different when it comes to deadlifts. For the past couple of weeks or so, I have barely done any working sets, mainly due to the bar tearing the f**k up out of my hands; just warmup sets leading up to heavy singles, like: 135x10 405x3 495x1 585x1 615-630x1 and then try for a new max


First time poking into this thread, and honestly thought it was going to be a shit-show based on the thread title.

OP, you’re a beast or a freak, whichever you find more complimentary. At 18 years old you have packed on a ton of muscle mass and are lifting far more weight than most of us who have been in the game for much longer than you.

Looking forward to seeing some big things from you!

But also, my jealous side must comment: I hate you.


Yeah, I wouldn’t push to a max with the deadlifts still, better just do heavy singles and gradually work up to a new PR like I was saying. There are plenty of people whose hands get fucked up from too much deadlift volume, just use straps instead of not doing any volume work.

If you can’t lock out over 92% with a pause then your paused bench is only 92% of your touch and go bench. It’s hard at first if you aren’t used to pausing, I’m at the point where (based on heavy sets of 3-6 reps) my paused and t&g bench are just about equal. Just get used to pausing, otherwise you won’t perform well in a meet and also risk bombing out. T&G is still good to do to develop/maintain the stretch reflex. Right now the focus is more on volume and hypertrophy, in the next training block I would get you to go heavier (on most stuff at least) and lower volume, you could also do stuff like spoto press, long pause bench, dead bench, etc. to work on bottom end strength.

Right now, you could throw a few sets of wide grip bench in there on one day, pause all reps and do 6+ reps, not to failure. You don’t want to go too heavy because you can mess up your shoulders and pecs, and for the same reason only go about 3 fingers wider on each side. This is a good exercise to build your pecs and also build bottom end strength.


I see your latest DL PR video, it looks to me like you could get called for a soft lockout because your knees are not 100% locked. Try squeezing your glutes at lockout, Josh Bryant said one of his lifters (Adam Ferchen) had issues with this, he now has a world record.

What I would do if I was you (and determined to do heavy singles): next week work up to 620, try to move it as fast as you can with perfect form, then about 485x5x5 (use straps to save your hands), the week after add 15lbs. to the single and the 5x5. Like that, in another month and a half you should be pulling 700+, and hopefully with better technique and with more in the tank. You don’t have to go all out to get a training effect, keep that in mind.

If you are going to pull twice a week (is that what you are doing?) then either do lighter volume work the 2nd day or if you can’t help yourself then use a different variation. Deficit deadlift, block pulls, deadlifts off the floor with bands or chains, those would make sense for you. Pick one and stick with it for 3-6 weeks.


Tried out that deadlift program you’ve got there today, pulled 630 off of the ground quick as hell. Gonna take Saturday and Sunday off and maybe try to smash a new PR next week on deadlifts.

Also, I did a bodybuilding arm/delt routine today after like weeks of following powerlifting programs and got one of the best pumps ever, delts were round as hell, got a sickening cramp in my abs, turning sideways for doorways lol. Now I know to mainly focus on compound lifts the week or two leading up to a bodybuilding show and save the bodybuilding routine for right before I step on stage, I guess it has something to do with muscle glycogen and letting my muscles somewhat recover, since I didn’t really ‘isolate’ them for like 2 weeks


You used straps for the DL volume work or what?

Are you going to do a powerlifting meet?

My guess would be that you got more of a pump than usual because you took time off from regular bodybuilding training, doing the same thing for too long means you won’t get as good results. I’m not really into BB, but I hear people like Mike Israetel talking about doing a strength phase (as a bodybuilder) where you focus on heavy compound lifts, more like sets of 5-8 though, and then go back to regular high rep training. It’s basically the same idea a doing a hypertrophy phase for powerlifting and then going back to heavier lifts, just change things up to make the next training cycle go better and keep from getting stale.


Nah, I just grinned and bared haha. I think I’ve finally gotten to the point where like the deepest layer of skin on my palms has calloused, as I haven’t had my hands bleed in months, plus the bar I’m using now has dat dere purrfect knurling.

I plan on doing a powerlifting meet as soon as I sign up to USPA/IPF federation and they hold a meet near/in my state.

With switching it up, as you can tell from my IG posts, that’s how I progress the most. Like, you’ll see 2 weeks straight of me doing deadlifts frequently, then 2 weeks straight of squats, then bench, rinse and repeat


If you have thick callouses that start to peel off it’s a good idea to do something about them before they rip. I never used to worry about it but I had them tear several times, now I use a razor (like a regular bic razor for shaving) to shave them down. Its better if you do this after taking a shower or something like that to soften up the skin. I heard that’s what a lot of weightlifters do so I gave it a shot. You could also use one of those stones that girls use in their feet, I tried that but I didn’t like it because it just kind of shreds up the skin more than anything.

Keep in mind that not all PL federations are the same. IPF (which is USAPL in the US) doesn’t allow knee wraps in the raw division and they also don’t use deadlift bars (you are using a DL bar, right?) so you will have to change a few things if you want to do a USAPL meet. They are also pretty fucked up in a lot of ways, like if you want someone to come and help you in the warmup room they have to have a coaching certification from USAPL and will probably charge you a bunch of money. I used to compete in a IPF-affiliated fed (CPU) but I’m done with them, too much bullshit. Look for USPA, RPS, APF.