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Can I Maintain my Current Weight yet Lose Body Fat ?

Can I maintain my current weight yet lose body fat without any Hormones/Insulin/Steroids? To keep the same weight my caloric intake and expense would need to be at equilibrium but to lose body fat I would have to consume fewer calories than I’m expending.

Is it possible for a 17-18 year old who has been training on and off for a few years with a body fat of around 15-20% to maintain the same weight yet actually lose body fat until say 10%? That is provided alcoholic intake is low/non-existent, diet is good - 5/6 small meals, low/no carbs and sugar at night say for cottage cheese or skimmed milk and the only supplements being taken will be an omega 369 fish oil capsule and high quality whey isolate?



It’s possible. Your weight might change by a couple pounds if you lose fat and gain muscle.

Case in point:

[quote]Nate Dogg wrote:
It’s possible. Your weight might change by a couple pounds if you lose fat and gain muscle.

Case in point:

You all kill me with that bullshit.

Please show me someone who maintained EXACTLY the same body weight yet lost 10% body fat in any rational space of time.

Anything is possible. That doesn’t mean you recommend the least likely bullshit to the majority.

if youre at 20% bodyfat as soon as you make proactive changes to your diet youre going to lose drop pounds pretty easily. it wont happen because if you drop 5-10lbs in the first 2 months you arent going to gain 10lbs of muscle. however, since youre obviously a beginner you will put on some muscle relatively quickly so you probaly wont drop 30 pounds and gain 20 but you could MAYBE and its a BIG MAYBE stay withen a 10-15lb hover of your current weight.

just get your diet in order, lose your chub then up your calories a bit so you can start adding muscle without getting fat again.

bodybuilding is hard, its one of the biggest tests of physical and mental will power out there. dont insult it by assuming you can trash your body and then as if by magic wand bring it to prime condition. dont be naive man.

C’mon on Professor. Don’t spoil the kid’s dream. He’s probably a beginner, in that case, he’s more likely to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time than others who have been training for some time.

But like I mentioned, his weight will most likely change by a couple pounds…it won’t remain exactly the same.

Oh yeah, we should have mentioned that the guy who did accomplish nearly the same thing as the OP wants to do also hired someone to help him plan his training and nutrition to make it possible! :wink:

The tragedy is, most people can’t gain muscle yet lose the fat. It’s true. Your body just won’t change much if you eat at maintenance yet work hard.

You need calorie surplus for muscle… but you get some fat with it as well. Not a prime choice for someone with 15-20% bf.

You need calorie negative for fat loss… but if this is a beginner with low muscle mass, damage can be done to their metabolism. I think. And they wnat muscle instead of starving and doing tons of cardio.

To be honest. If someone like the op is upwards of 20% bf, and low muscle mass, it’s hard to decide what to do. This is the greatest challenge.

In the case of a beginner at 20% bodyfat, I would just work on eating a better diet and training hard.

A beginner will get stronger, leaner and gain some mass during those first few months of training with almost no problem provided they follow a good nutritional and training plan.

If the fat is really an issue, then focus on the diet and training in a way that promotes fat loss (circuit-based weight training, short rest periods, etc.).

This thread depresses me though. I am in a similar predicament. Too little muscle for a proper cut, but i has too much chub for a proper bulk.

I think I will go the powerlifting route and just get really strong at, say, 225lb weight.

Sorry I am thinking out loud…

why do you care how much you weigh?

You can certainly lose fat without losing muscle.