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Can I Lose Belly Fat While Bulking On Cycle?

I am 30, 5.5’’ 63.5kgs, not fat but i have stubborn belly it seems and side pec(on chest), I was so lean and skinny till i am 22 and then I had some medicine from one of my friend(from pharmacy) can’t remember name but it exploded my weight raising me to the least 5 to 8kg in like 2 months and started my belly which am still suffering

This is my second TRT cycle I did one in past like 3 years back for 12 weeks, just test enanthate 500mg a week, started nolvadex 20mg(EOD) and 0.5gm anastrazole(EOD) from week 5 or 7, when I was done with this cycle after few months my side pec got being bit obvious, back in past i wasn’t that serious about counting my calories and all which i am now.

I started TRT again with same test enanthate 500mg a week, 20mg nolvadex and 0.5mg anastrazole (EOD), I am trying to eat 2500 calories a day (using my fitness pal) but most i could eat just 2000 calories. I am eating around 140 to 160gms of protein.

I eat like 12 egg whites, 2 yolks, around 250 to 300gms of chicken, 2 table spoon of peanut butter, i use some 1 tea spoon to max 2 tea spoon coconut or olive oil to cook my eggs during day, 2 roti(indian bread) to make my wraps, 3 to 4 bananas, 3 to 4 tomatoes, 7 almonds, 5 to 10 dried dates, 250gms of yogurt, at times 1 table spoon of ghee(Indian clarified butter)

I am thinking to add more veggies like lettuce, okra, cucumber and others, currently its already bit overwork for me to make all the meals and also do my regular job.

My goals: I sure love to increase mass, may be around plus 6 to 8kgs, and also loose belly fat, I am ok even without abs but just no belly fat. I am not doing much cardio these days, I have leg fracture so cant really do much running except for walking and some cycling.

Can you guys recommend any other anabolic to add with my test E, should i add or reduce my calories and should i remove any of food items from my current nutrition plan.

You’ve made absolutely zero progress in two years. Other than growing two inches. Kinda odd you just now went back and edited your height in a post from 2018.

You need to get a handle on basic training and nutrition. Steroids (obviously) won’t do anything until you get those in place.

That’s a ton of calories for a 140-pound guy. Based on the foods you listed, you’re very carb-heavy and I don’t see how you’re hitting up to 160g quality protein.

What’s your weekly training like?

That’s not a thing. TRT isn’t cycled, it’s lifelong treatment for a medical condition. You’re using recreational steroids.

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I train 5 days a week, like for around 1 hour each day, another thing which I personally feel I go wrong, I do more reps at times to feel the pump.

When it comes to protein I get 23gm from whey, 48 gms from egg whites, 4 gm from yolk, and around 45 to 55gm from chicken, rest from other food aliments I guess( i am using “my fitness pal” to track my macros, as per it am going from 140 to 160(at times when I add some 5 more eggs and some extra chicken))

Medications will not make you fat, consuming more calories than you expend makes you fat. Meds can’t change the laws of thermodynamics, if it slows your metabolism simple eat a little less or work a little more. Sounds like you arent working hard enough in the gym or don’t have your diet down. Drop the drugs man.

the medicine which I said i took was in past when i was 22 not now, i wasn’t that regular in gym back then apart from some normal martial arts, yes my diet perhaps was not down to burn enough fat but, but i would say i do hit moderately enough in gym and trying to go more serious these days and organized hopefully

as per you guys is it achievable to loose belly fat while bulking?

It has been done (see kevin levrone). It is pretty hard for most people (even with drugs).

should i make any changes to my diet? and should i decrease my calories?