Can I Inject the T-Cyp I Was Prescribed IM with a subQ Injection?

I just read a bit of the TRT guide…it says subq works better than IM
I have been injecting 200mg of T-cypionate weekly for about 18mos. Is the same solution in this vial injectable subQ? I simply do not know if different type solutions are used for the different methods, the viscosity comes to mind…

Thanks ya all!


Carrier oils differ but all Test Cyp is developed to be injected IM. You “can” inject sub q if you choose.


Define “better”. What exactly is “better”. And what do you expect to see/feel as a part of that “better” ?

It can for some. Data supports that theres slightly better TT response this way, but it’s probably flawed and not considering total area under release-curve. It does produce less aromatase activity though.

Yes, you can inject SubQ. It might take a little bit to build up to the same result that IM provided though (it did for me).

Test E/C/P are fine for SubQ, though E/P may sting a bit more that way.

The difference between the two is negligible in terms of effects and just do whatever is more convenient for you.


I have been on TRT for a long time- a long time. Started with IM obviously, got talked into pellets- freaking nightmare for me but works for some I know, back to IM until it appeared that scarring was becoming a problem. Levels were good on IM, definitely peaking phases, had to donate routinely at 300mg/wk dosing. I’m too old to be playing the bb game as my elbows are toast. However, I inquired around and got to see some legit lab numbers for subcutaneous, I became impressed, so I tried it. Will likely never go back to IM. I’ve done cyp and enanthate with only noticeable difference being that cyp seems to show a little more water- makes no sense to me as the chemicals are incredibly similar obviously but perhaps it’s just my metabolism. I’d love to try adding some other items but guard my kidneys due to some other issues and I’m pretty apprehensive of damage in that arena. I use one dose of anastrozole a week, seems like I use a whole tab sometimes and will be good then at some point the numbers get too low so I drop back to a 1/2 per week. I work a total crap bag schedule, so I’m guessing that to be the complicator.
Just my experience chief, hopefully it gives you some insight. The subcutaneous dosing is at 100mgs every third day. My reasoning is purely monetary as the insurance will pay it up to 300mgs/wk then starts whining and thinking they know medicine for some reason. Not even getting started with that subject- total bag of d$&ks IMO.
BTW, any ideas on things possible to add and not fry my organs post them up please. I’m always willing to learn. I’m 52, likely 10-12% body fat conservatively, 6’ at 206-218lbs depending how I’m eating, joints will do good until I push too far and then well, you know, I need grease fittings and ice packs. Deads are stuck at 570 and aggravating me terribly, squats at 465-500 if my mind is right, bench with a good wrap will hold at 405. I just can’t support going further and risk the elbows any more than that- yeah, I know, Ima a wuss. Save it, I got nothing to prove at my age, all about bettering myself now.

@hankthetank89 “ Define “better”. What exactly is “better”. And what do you expect to see/feel as a part of that “better” ”

Here I’ll refer you to the article out yesterday the ultimate TRT guide here at t-nation

ALL the benefits from anything I use is what I want

Thank you!

I’m afraid to use the serum and needles I have to deviate from the prescribed method. The needles are indeed too large so those would need replaced. The serum I reckon must be ok.
What do you think my doc would say if I asked to change from IM to subQ?
He’s been pretty accommodating when I’ve asked for changes like when he initially wanted to do monthly injections versus weekly, and had me in the office to get them. Not it’s weekly IM at home, and I got him to modify the dude from 400 once monthly to 200mg / week.

At this point, after reading everything here again, I’m thinking the current setup may be just fine with me and that switching to sub Q may be more effort than is justified.


If you want to do it, just do it. Its not that big of a deal. You are injecting yourself correct?

I wouldn’t think the dr to have an issue. The shots are easy as can be. Use insulin pins for shot. Use the regulars to draw and then backfill the smaller pins. Most docs will insist on fixed locations but I’m rotating pretty much anywhere there is some fat, which there is still plenty! I have had no issues with it labwise at all. All in what you like my friend.

“Better”, I still get bit by the numbers and want to go higher but the pain tradeoff typically wins after a few heavy weeks. I’m no CrossFit body by any means but I eat what I want when I want and work rotating 12 hr shifts and still look decent- I think anyhow, Hah! Every time I get to thinking I look “better” I hear that friggin dork on the bow flex commercial saying, “I’m 40 and I play in a rock band” three or four times in a one minute ad and it snaps me back to reality. That dude, ridiculous.

K at this point I’m going to have to read the article again to see what supposed benefit the extra stick might get. Dang.

“Additionally, you might want to consider subcutaneous injections rather than intramuscular injections. The late Dr. John Crisler, noted testosterone guru, insisted that sub-q is much more effective, so much so that 80 mg. of testosterone injected under the skin is equal to 100 mg. injected intramuscularly.”

The 80g being the same as 100.
My simple logic says at my current 200mg/wk, my training level doesn’t care about that. If I cranked it up a few notches it could…. I’ll table this idea and tuck it away just in case.
I honestly haven’t yet checked if it can but I think the t-cyp is elevating my anxiety.

Thanks ya all

Dr. Crisler was all over the place before his suicide. I used to be a member of his forum and had a few Pm dialogues with him. He was smart but even he changed his protocols several times over the last years. There is NO proof to what he states regarding sub Q.

Just realized that I never answered the question, “better”. Well, to see all the benefits of what little I take would require a better sleep schedule for certain- not a reality at this time, I eat what/how I want but I have never honestly struggled with that. Could it be cleaner? Absolutely. I am well past prime and not getting on a stage and being a total joke, powerlifting I could be respectable I think but it just flat starts to hurt too much and too long, so “better” would likely equate to continuing to lift for several more years and eating in the manner I enjoy and not having adverse organ/blood complications. I’m in the maintenance phase of life I suppose and still having to work a full time job. “Better” would be to keep on keeping on as it is said I guess. A bit of a cop out answer but from 45 on one really starts to understand the saying “youth is wasted on the youth.”

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