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Can I Inject T Directly into Sidewall Below the Ribs?

Hi, just like to know. I have had a niggling side tear about 4 inches below the last rib on the right side. It is quite bad, had it about 1 year now. Rest helps, but as soon as I do anything remotely strenuous it really a hes again. Anyway, I was wondering if I could shallow inject testosterone directly into it and if it would help.

That’s not how T works. Of course you could do a subq injection of T in that area if you choose. You should not however expect it to work locally; T works systemically. There are healing peptides, TB-500 and BPC-157, specifically, that reportedly work in the manner you describe.

Thanks, what do you suggest as a dosage?

Can’t offer any help with dosages because I haven’t used either of them yet. I think you could search on these boards and find some info (if my memory serves me there have been folks here using them).

to be clear: you’re not currently using testosterone, you just want to inject it one time to try to heal an injury? Am I reading that right?

No. I am 56 and am going to self administer low dose TRT. Looking for a general boost, but thought a local injection would help this damn side injury.

it will not. sorry.

Ok, thanks