Can I Inject Axiron?

Warning phone post. I want to thank anyone who posts any replies in advance. My endocronogist �?� did two blood test four months apart that show that had low test though only reason they were four months apart was because I did not want to go back and have my ego bruised a second time. I know it is a requirement to post your lab results in this form. But I did not ask to see my lab results because I knew I would obsess over the low number.

Any ways I got axiron 3 month scrip nolvadex 3 month script and then I get hcg after. I asked him for injections right off the bat because I’ve believe Ã??Ã? the creams are all bullshit. He said no but at least I got what I got I got the lowest dose prescribed 30 mg a day but I think only like 10% of that is absorbed through the skin so since it is I’ll alcohol base just like prop can I injected it for enhanced effectiveness . The inactive ingredients are ethanol isopropyl alc, octisalate Ã??Ã? , povidone active ingredients test usp. Or should I try supplementing the same 30 mg daily with like 200 mg cipa or etha weekly if I can even find only problem is I have a new bloodwork coming up in 2 half weeks and he will prob see what’s up ? I’m 25 not history of cycles I actually don’t even know how to find them have tried over the counter furaza 2 times for two months a year apart so main question is can I inject the axiron?Ã??Ã?Â

There needs to be more personal and medical information to come up with some suggestions. Injecting axiron you end up clogging your arteries and properly causing a heart attack from excessive toxicty from the chemicals in it. In lamen’s term you probably kill your self and it will be a slow and pain ful death from shutting down your kidneys then your liver.

Again you need to find out why testosterone is low by looking at the hidden stressors. Most likely there may be some psychological issues, poor lifestyles, or other issues which need to be addressed first before even thinking about HRT.