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Can I Ingest Mixed Arimidex Capsule Powder With Water?

I recently bought some 1mg Arimidex capsules and was hoping I could use them in order to take microdose (instead of inaccurately splitting the pill). So if I mix the 1mg powder in the capsule with 10ml of water, can I draw up 1ml in a syringe, drink it and expect it to be 0.1mg of Arimidex?

most use vodka. It might not dissolve well in water.

You can get 10mL sealable glass containers at Amazon for individual doses on the go.

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Unfortunately, I’m currently working in Kuwait where alcohol is prohibited. Are you sure It wouldn’t work well with water?

No I am not. I have just never heard of anyone using water. Best of luck to you I hope it works.