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Can I Hit These Stats?


I am curious so i thought i’d make this thread. You guys can answer me and put my mind at ease.

I started training may 5th 2008 doing starting strength.

Current stats (pounds) for 5 reps:
dl: 245
squat-back: 250
squat-front: 170
bench press: 195
power clean: 135
press: 135
pull up: additional 60 pounds
dips: additional 85 pounds

My goals are (pounds) for 5 reps:

dl: 450
bsquat: 405
fsquat: 350
bench press: 315
power clean: 280
press: 250 pounds
pull up: additional 150 pounds
dips: additional 150 pounds

I am 20 years old. I’m about 9 percent body fat. I have short legs (27-28 inches). I weigh 138 pounds and i am 5 foot 3.

My form for squats/deadlifts is a little tight and i have girlscout grip. I think with proper technique and grip i could add 50 pounds to my squat/deadlift but i obviously have to work on that.

I want to stop at that because my goal is not power lifting but kyokushin and i thought i could use some power. If my numbers go too high i feel i will lose speed/ explosiveness so i think the numbers like that are high enough.

When i hit those numbers i will continue increasing rep but not weight.
So when i hit the 315 bench,for example, i will work on increasing reps and not weight, indefinitely.

Are my goal numbers possible for my height/weight/age? I’m expecting to hit these in a minimum of a year and a half. I’m not expecting to hit them tomorrow lol.


Well, height and age probably don’t matter much here. Chances are if you hit those numbers you will inevitably have to gain some weight.

I don’t think you will lose much explosiveness, and if you find it happening, make adjustments to your program to focus less on raw strength and more on explosive power (I guess?). Really not an expert on the subject, but as long as you keep an open mind I think you can make appropriate adjustments.

In 1.5 years, I think you can hit them, so long as you are doing everything else right. Good luck!

I’m asking because my numbers are going down.
What was an easy 245 deadlift(felt i could do way more) is now a 1 rep 225.
My press went from 135 to 120. My pull up had gone up to 75 but now it’s stuck at 60…and even then only 3 reps. My power clean as well has gone down. My back squat is slowly going up, as is my bench. My dips keep flying up.

I feel i might have to eat more but i’ve only been doing gym for 3 months now and i’m sure i still fall under beginner. So why am i stalling already? I’m using starting strength. It’s driving me crazy.

What is your schedule like? By that, I mean both kyokushin and strength?
I ask this because, if you are following sthe regular starting strength 3day and practicing on off days, you would have at least 5 high cns intensive days in a row. That could account for the strength loss via overtraining.

Yea but isnt sleep and plenty of food all you really need for recovery? Is it then impossible for me to get a 350 squat without giving up kyokushin?

Sleep and plenty of food is all you need if you are one of the lucky ones. The rest of us need to manage our cns output.

I think it is very possible to squat 350 without giving up kyokushin. The possibilities for doing this are dependent on moving the schedule around to promote this focus of strength gain. You must consider tweeking intensity and volume in your strength work dependent on the intensity of the previous kyokushin session.

It really comes down to priorities of goals. There must be a balance in GPP, SPP, and recovery.

This summer i’ve been doing very little kyokushin training, which is why i am so frustrated. I’m expecting to go full force starting september and already im still on my lifts with little other exercise. Could it be that i’ve already left the beginner stage…for my body anyway? My lifts are very poor, i dont get it.

At that weight no I don’t think you’ll hit those #'s in year in a half. Are those #'s possible for you? Yes no question.

If you’re no longer seeing any progress with starting strength, maybe take a week off and then start a completely different program. A program is only good as long as you get good results from it

The only thing i knew/know of is starting strength. I know no other programs.
What do you guys recommend?
I want to keep the same lifts, i’m not interested in adding leg presses, curls, etc.



Yo be honest I haven’t tried any of the workout plans that are on this site really. I’ve used parts from a lot of them, but am not really in a position to suggest any of them. Pretty much I’d say look around at a bunch of them, and just pick one that you really like, and that fits your needs. There’s plenty around the site

Alright, i’m going to give this a shot.


Now i find it odd that there are around +200 views and only like 12 posts…so can someone please have the courage to explain this?

“This is basically increasing your weight set to set like warming up. If your top set of 5 is 315, you might go 135, 185, 225, 275, and then 315 all for 5 reps. There are several reasons for this, you are warming up, getting a lot of practice and really groove the coordination of the lifts, and contributing to workload without raising it so high that fatigue overcomes you and you overtrain. If you do 315 for all 5 sets, workload is a lot higher and doing that a couple of times a week ensures that you won’t last long on this program.”

I’ve been doing this with rippetoe’s starting strength.
For example the squat:
I do 8 reps with bar.
Immediately add weight and do 5 reps with (45+35+35) 115.
Immediately add weight and do 5 reps with (45+45+45) 135.
Immediately add weight and do 5 reps with (45+45+45+45+45+10+10+2.5+2.5) 250.
Two minute break
5 reps of 250.
Two minute break.
5 reps of 250.

Am i doing it wrong?
In Mark Rippetoes program it says do 3 sets of 5. Are all 3 sets supposed to be at your 5 rep max or do you ramp it up and only on the last set you do your 5 rep max?
Is this correct?

Or am i supposed to do…let’s say.

5 reps at 115.
2 minute break.
5 reps at 200.
2 minute break.
5 reps at 250.


All three sets are supposed to be with you 5rm. So 3x5x250 for you

[quote]Bloobird wrote:
All three sets are supposed to be with you 5rm. So 3x5x250 for you [/quote]

All right, and this bill starr 55 is not actually 55*250 but ramp up the weight 4 times and the last set (5th set) is 250.

Dave read the whole program. You have it right now. Starting Strength is 3x5 straight sets after warmups. Bill Starr 's is ramped 5x5. What you should ideally do is do your sets at 50, 62.5, 75 , 87.5 and 100% of you work set. Do only the 5 sets. So if your work set is 250, do something like: 125, 155, 185, 220, 250.

You will progress at a slower rate but you get more recovery. Take a week off before you start and start slightly lower than you are at now. You will make steady improvement and build momentum. Most people get about 12 weeks of growth from this program. If you start low and take 4 weeks to get back to your current max, that’s about 8 weeks at 2.5% growth or or 20% overall. That’s about 50# on your squat in 3 months. You will likely stall out again, maybe at 8 weeks, maybe later. You will need to reset once or twice. You will then have to try something else. After that, expect to have to change your routine more frequently after that.

Remember that everyone is different. The progress you make will be different than what anyone else makes. Everything works for a while, nothing works forever.


You ramp up the weight on each set. I made really great gains on the 3 months i’ve used it and really loved it.

There’s a link to a excel file on the website :


It tells you how much to ramp up on your sets, relatively to your current lifts. I got on a bb split but getting back to it, I feel I made the best gains on that one. Dl got from 190 to 300, squats 180 to 240 (long legs :frowning: ) in about 3 months.

Alright, thanks alot :slight_smile:

Those numbers seem pretty high for you to accomplish in 1 year and change. You definitely could hit those numbers, but I am expecting closer to 2 years