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Can I Hang a Bag from My Ceiling?


This may be the wrong section for this but...

I want to hang a 150lbs muay thai bag from my ceiling. I have a 6 inch concrete slab that's steel reinforced. There's nothing in my condo laws that says I can't, but I'm not sure if my ceiling can hold that weight at a single point, especially if it will sway at all? Is there a way a bag can be hung with multiple anchors in the ceiling to distribute the weight better?

FWIW My association manager said another person had a human size birdcage (I assume so someone would actually be in it) hanging from their ceiling.


hilti fasterners for concrete

hammer drill+hilti expanding molly+ hilti epoxy




I'm going to hire someone who knows a lot more about how to hang a bag than I do, my question is more about, can the ceiling hold the weight?


How about a weighted heavy bag stand? No need to hang from the ceiling. Just a thought.


could be interested, where would I get one? Does it need to be mounted to the floor? weight/height limitations?




I can see height being an issue - but I can just get a shorter bag as a compromise for the mobility and not worrying about drilling holes in a ceiling , but can these things fully support a 150lb back without falling over? Also it looks like it wouldn't be too difficult for a single person to mount/dismount the bag?


You can buy a heavy duty one to hold the weight of the bag, stick a couple 100lb plates on the bottom or sandbags to anchor it and you're ready to rock.


IT's always easier to have someone help you hang it but you can do it yourself


Thanks for the info, from the link you sent me, I am thinking of getting this one:


What do you think?


Yo Dreads, don't want to be a party pooper here but have you thought about how much you are going to piss your neighbours off once you start wacking into this thing? Seriously they will hate you!


Don't give a shit about any of my neighbors, they do plenty to piss me off too.


Good choice. I do not believe it is constructed with enough support for 150lbs tho. You might want to call the dealer and ask the question. However 100lbs probably no issue. The bottom of the stand supports weights for anchoring. There are some sturdier options on the website but they are more expensive. BTW if you anchor it well it will not move.






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to answer the OP question

the hilti system is good from 100lbs to 1000 lbs depending on which shit you buy
can your celing hold it-

ask the neighbor with the 'human sized' bird cage


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if you do ask the guy i suggest working the story from this video into conversation. an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.



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I had one of those bag stands and make sure you weigh it down alot. I am not a big guy and I was sending the thing across the room with 3 25 lb weights on it. I had to really weigh it down to get it to stay.

I now have mine hung from the ceiling in the basement through a beam. makes alot of noise upstairs but holds well.