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Can I Grow?


Hey guys! New member to T-Nation, but a long time follower. Before I get into my question I just want to give a small intro. I'm a month away from turning 20. Before high school I was a competitive soccer player.

Upon beginning high school I began running track and wrestling, which naturally got me into the weight room. After graduating I went to college and continued lifting. February of 2013 I was hit by a car riding my motorcycle back from the gym. It was a head on collision with both of us doing 45. They were texting and swerved in front of me. The motorcycle and myself flipped over the car, the motorcycle exploded, and I broke both arms, fractured my right knee, broke all 10 toes, and bulged my L2.

I had nothing short of a miraculous recovery and began integrating back into the gym after 2 months. During the time I dropped from 160 lbs to 140. I have regained my weight and I'm up to 167. My lift numbers are as follow, all done raw:

Deadlift: 385
Squat: 275 hamstring to calf
Bench Press: 235
Overhead Press: 155
Weighted Dips: bw+100x5
Weighted Chins: bw+70x3

Now into the question. Recent circumstance has me driving and living 2 hours away from home from sunday night to friday morning. The only time I can acess the gym is friday night, Saturday, and Sunday morning.

My real question is this enough lifting to justify eating my bmr+500 cal/day during the week or will my excess calories not have any "damage" to repair by midweek and be stored otherwise? Should I consume maintenance on weekdays and surplus on weekends?

Really lost at this point and could use some help. My lift numbers are most important to me, but body composition is a close second.


Impressive stuff.

I would keep your calories high until next February just to be on the safe side -it can easily take a year for your body to be 100% healed after sustaining such trauma. If you cut calories now you might find a lot of pain and aches come back.

If you're really worried about gaining fat just eat super clean carb sources such as brown rice and green veg and stay away from all sugar and sodas etc.


If I were you, I'd get a set of dumbbells and run WSFSB. Put the max effort days on the weekend when you have access to heavy weights and do the rest of the program with the dumbbells + bodyweight whereever you spend your week. This should work nicely.


Also good options when considering price/size: chin-up bar and bands.


I almost included them but I guess I found them self-explanatory. I would refuse to live anywhere with no access to a bar.