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Can I grow muscle w/o carbs?Help! I am very carb intolerant!

Muscle is made of protein and water right?

Are carbs required for muscle growth and if so how much? Is 88 grams of carbs 3x per week (post workout) sufficient for max muscle growth on someone who isnt carb friendly>

I got a problem… I am carb intolerant, i feel my best on <10 carbs a day.

Carbs really push my bodyfat and water retention in upper two digits.

I really need to know, can I grow muscle without carbs? (but with lots of protein and fat)? What kind of diet should I follow for max muscle growth?>
Please reply!

thank you!
Hope to hear reply soon.

Check out the “Poliquin-style Diet Support Group.”

Although some studies suggest that is is possible to increase muscle mass on a very low carb diet, the strong majority of anecdotal evidence suggests otherwise.

I think you would be best served by evaluationg your goals. Divide them into three categories: gaining mass, losing fat, and maintenance.

As these are three seperate goals, they will require three seperate plans. If you want to increase your mass (and, in your post you did say "max muscle growth") you will most likely have to increase your carbohydrate intake. If you are as carb intolerant as you say, then, yes, you may put on some fat. And?

After you gain a decent amount of muslce, diet off the fat you've gained. That's an entirely different goal. It is indeed the rare individual (or new trainee) who can increase LBM and lose fat mass at the same time.

However, certain compounds, such as Mag-10, will allow you to overeat and put on dramatically more muscle with less fat gain. Look into the Massive Eating Plan, along with the Growth Surge Project for more information like this.

I know it's likely not what you wanted to hear, but generally speaking most of us genetically average mere mortals have to cycle between bulking and cutting. Hope this helps.

Thanks for replying.

What If I do high rep ballistic moves (cardio like session that produces GH & IGF1 and increases insulin sensitivity so you dont have to eat so much carbs). That should really help put on muscle/and burn fat through GH.

What is your opinion?

You can toss back a huge amount of carbs after a hard workout and not get fat. Try some Surge at least. (After training only.) See the Solving the Post Workout Puzzle articles at T-mag.

I think that increasing insulin sensitivity is something you should definitely be looking into to avoid fat gain.

While the type of training you suggest is great for release of GH and IGF-1, and, yes, that can lead to muscle growth; but "high rep" training, as you call it, not always going to be suited for maximal recruitment of type IIa muscle fibers. That type of training seems to me to be more geared towards fat loss; like meltdown training, for example.

Which is not at all to say that muscle growth cannot occur on this type of program, though.

I think that you may want to use a sort of "hybrid" program which employs two days or so of higher rep training and another two of lower reps with heavier weight. This, along with some cardio, should help you to increase insulin senstivity as well as put on some mass.

On an aside, certain supplements, such as ALA will help enhance insulin sensitivity. Hope this helps.

Yes I actually meant a hybrid program.
I would not do just high rep ballisticts for muscle size. I should have said that.

This is my routine:
What do you think about it… Should I do what I am doing now to loose weight and than undertake it to keep low bf,high gH and lots of muscle growth. Or should I take this routine and continue to loose weight?

bench= 10-20 sets of 5 reps
dead=10-20 sets of 1-5 reps

KB = kettlebell work 20-30 minutes (works VO2 like nothing else in this friggin world)

monday| am:heavy KB pm: dead + bench
tuesday| am: Light KB pm: light KB
wednseday|am: heavy KB pm: dead+bench
thursday|am:light KB pm:light KB
friday| am:heavy KB pm:dead+bench
sat: early-midday-later do light KB

It is pretty intense… But the amount of gH produces will make me like one of those bloated bodybuilders with gH gut… (OK I joked about the last sentence)

I agree: that does seem intense!

It also seems like quite a lot of work overall. Yes, you are likely producing a lot of GH, but I would think that while hypocaloric, you're in danger of over training. You may want to consider adding another off day while dieting.

As far as what you should do, or keep doing; I can't really address that. You'll need to give me a bit more information. Current weight, body fat percentage, age, and goal would all help.

From there we can see whether it is more in line with your goals to continue dieting, or to change the diet, and try to put on muscle. Keep me updated.

MY current stats:
bw: 190 pounds at 5"8 goal 170 or so ripped.
gut: 35 inches (I want 32 or 30)
chest:42 or so inches…boooo…

Hopefully in 6 or so weeks I will be done…
I have till dec 24 or so left… AFter that…

100 sets of deads/swings/snatches + some shoulder presses in one day and I will be back on target…

ABout that program. It is intense but I dont beleive that it will be overtraining (as long as I ease into it).

I have done deads each DAY and I have done military presses each day… So I guess I can do that program…

Damn I am fat and small…

im a bulking on the anabolic diet right now… i have consistently gotten stronger as the weeks go by. up about 8lbs, a bit fatter, but im not too worried as i figure ill transition straight from bulking to cutting as the macros will look the same

It seems to me that your goal is very attainable. If you keep a very strict diet and supplement with a decent fat burner, you should get there ahead of schedule. My suggestion would be to work on dropping some fat and keeping your LBM for now, then later add some mass.

You seem to be very familiar with k-bells; unfortunately, I am not. As such, I'm not the best person to evaluate your program. From what I can tell, the routine you've described seems that it would have the desired effect of not only being calorically demanding, but also aiding in the production of GH. All in all, it should help you lose fat and retain mass.

If you decide to go with a pre-written work out, I would suggest Meltdown Training. For a routine that uses lots of k-bells, contact Coach Davies. Hope this helps.

i have a question reguarding going from lo carbs to high carb or higher carb…to switch from mass to cutting to maintenence to whatever.
if im cutting and im lo carbs, and i need to bulk and go hi-carb, dont i have to have a transitional period to avoid fat gain with the influx of carbs? in my situation i took a 4 week transition phase, but now i plan on using shorter cycles 2-3 weeks to utilize lean mass gain without puttin on a substantial amount of fat. So is there any way i could go from lo carb to hi-carb quik to make quik transitions, i was just going to keep my macros the same and cut calories and increase cardio and what have you.thanx