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Can I Grow More?

Hey lads!
I’m a male turning 18 in February and I’m 5’9 in height. My mom is 5’10 and my twin sister is 5’10 as well and my dad is 6’3. I started puberty at around 11 and I was wondering if you guys think i can still make it to 6 feet. My family picks on me all the time because my sister is taller than me, and my uncle even said that he’s not sure if my dad is my real biological dad since he is 6 inches taller than me.
According to height calculators my sister is about an inch taller than her projected height of 5’9 while I’m about 4 inches shorter, as most formulas say I’m supposed to be 6’1.
Do you guys think i can still make it to at least 5’10 or more?



This is really weird


how the fuck would internet strangers know?

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I assumed he was asking permission.

But I am not a merciful god.


Your height is a useful statistic if you are in a boxing match that people are gambling on or if you rob a bank.

If these are not in your immediate futurw, I recommend you put away the tape measure and forget about your height.

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Some people are pretty well versed on limb and bone lengthening procedures on this forum, perhaps you’d be interested to learn about fibia lengthening procedures?

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I grew about 3” from age 17-22, so yes it is possible. Everyone is different, although I would say it’s likely you’re done growing since you started puberty so early.

:joy: might as well ask for a step stool for Christmas.


If you are asking Santa for stuff, might as well throw in Satan too.

When he delivers, he delivers big.


Absolutely! And again, it is important to not just look at the height of your mom and dad, but you should also consider how tall your grandfathers and grandmothers were. I am aware of not one but many cases where kids are taller or shorter than their biological parents. So I think your height has nothing to do with your biological father. Now on whether you can increase your height or not, I had said that it is possible to add the 6 inches you are yearning for. All that you need to do is to join a height enhancement program and it will help you hit your target. Do not listen what the naysayers are up to.

And also any tradesmen your parents used.

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Is that really possible? If so, is it safe?

Does height enhancement programs really work? Thanks man

I have some messed up genes when both my mom and sister is taller than me

But what do you want everyone to do about it? More importantly - who cares?


Oh for fuck’s sake!! Your 5 foot 9 get the hell over it, In all reality it is not going to have a impact on your life.

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This is deep.


I hit 6’1" at 12. And I’m still 6’1" at 25. Based on that anecdotal evidence, you have no chance to grow. Sorry


This is science