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Can I Go Wrong With Splenda?


Splenda has been around for a little while now and I use it throughout the day with tea. Usually putting in 1 packet of Splenda per 16 oz of tea. I find myself doing this about 3 times a day, so I'm taking in about 3 packets of Splenda a day. Is there and what are the harmful affects of using splenda?


The conventional wisdom is that Splenda is safe in moderation. I would say that 3 packs a day is moderate, though there is research showing that even low doses can diminish healthy bacteria in a rat's intestinal tract. Then again, there are a lot of things that negatively impact gut microflora.

If you won't drink tea without splenda, then drink tea with splenda, because the health benefits of the tea probably outweigh the risk of the splenda. Otherwise, if you can go without it, you can avoid any potential health risks.

The bottom line is that splenda does not do anything positive for your health other than possibly increase compliance with healthy food choices, but then again, you can achieve the same result with willpower.


Depends on whether you look at credible science or what the conspiracy theorists say.

I use sucralose daily and have never experienced any negative effects.


Splenda is made from sucralose, and this is actually an ingredient in a lot of protein powders. The packets typically contain a small amount of maltodextrin, which is a sugar that does contain calories. Probably not much to be concerned with unless you are on a strict cutting diet.

The safety of any artificial sweetner is of course debatable. I use stevia-based sweetners as they are supposedly more "natural" if this makes a difference. Sooner or later something is gonna kill ya.


Thanks for the help guys.


while we are on the subject, does anyone know if you can purchase sucralose in liquid form sans maltodextrin? i pretty much only use it to sweeten tea too, so i don't need the bulking agent as is required in baking.



Why not just use sugar? Are you fat?

From what I remember, splenda increases insulin levels in the blood moreso than plain sugar.


Yea, if you're looking to Splenda to avoid the insulin spike... I recall reading that some people still get an insulin response from Splenda or other artificial sweeteners. Unfortunately, I'm one of these. Couldn't drop the last five pounds until I dropped the damn diet soda. Go figure! Zero calories in hose things but they were still holding me back.


Wow, that's really good to know. I'm a diet soda junkie. Maybe it's time to start finding some better alternatives...


According to CSPI (Center for Science in the Public Interest) Sucralose is the most/best tested artificial sweetener, and the safest. They dislike Aspartame (Nutrasweet) and think other sweeteners like Ace-K and Stevia need more or better testing. Google CSPI + Sucralose for more info.

Sounds like baloney to me, but if you have a link to some evidence, I'll check it out. I think a few people might respond to Sucralose that way, but the vast majority do not. Otherwise we'd probably be seeing a lot of diabetics dropping dead - sucralose use is common. If some people are allergic to peanuts - does that mean everyone should avoid peanut butter?


The studies show: Stevia > Sucralose > Aspartame (never ever consume)

Like real sugar, the ones above will trick the brain into thinking you have just consumed a very sweet food or drink. As a result, your confused hormone response system stimulates an inappropriate insulin response. Some research even suggests that your brain will seek even more "replacement" calories in reaction to being tricked with a sweet food that provides no energy.


Is Neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock a conspiracy theorist? or is his 30+ years of work and research considered science? I'm sure he's just trying to sell books, right?

I've met the odd alcoholic that didn't suffer any negative side effects for a good number of years as well, is alcohol non-toxic?

I'll back pedal, and say that I don't think a modest intake is going to kill you. A few servings of Biotest protein, or a few servings in green tea, will likely outweigh the negatives.

"science" is chucked around like the stripper at a bachelor party!
It seems to me, "credible science" = supports my view!

EDIT : With the last statement, I don't mean you specifically, HK24719, I mean all of us.


well i feel like an ass now lol. i must have misspelled it or something when i was looking for it. fail on my part.


I don't know Dr. Russell Blaylock, but feel free to post any research he's been involved in on this topic.

I'm sorry, but books don't count as research.


Which studies?

Please reference the research that's shown this as there is in fact research showing the opposite, that sucralose does not ilicit an insulin response.


I'm pretty sure you memory is wrong.

However, if you've got something concrete to share please do so.


No worries.


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