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Can I Go for a Test-E Cycle?

I am working out since more than 8 years but not very regular nor im a heavy weight lifter.
I was always targeting ripped physique and use to do lot of cardio and weights to achieve it but could never achieve it. i had tried 4-5 times and gave up since no noticeable results come.

I was totally unaware of steroids role in ripped physique building … i use to think its only for body builders.

Now sine couple of months i have learned a lot about steroids.
About myself im 36 yo. 170 CM, 154 lb, 16% BF
I am still working out in gym and have ok kind of body. I have also started lifting heavy since couple of months.

My questions is can i go for a 12 week Test-E cycle now, given that i was not lifting heavy and started lifting heavy since 2 months back only?

My target is to have Ripped Physique.

Awaiting response from all … thanks in advance!

my advice, dont use roids man
you don’t need them

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How much do you bench deadlift and squat?

I personally do think you need them TO ACQUIRE THAT PHYSIQUE but if you arent already strong (muscle base) you wont get the results you want from them anyways.

So my question is how much do ya bench, dead and skwat? Because if you cant answer that then you have not been lifting “heavy”. If it is not a lot then you have too much to gain naturally.

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Hi Botslayer,
Thanks for reply.

Following are the details:
Bench: 120 (3x10)
Deadlift: 132 (3x8)
Squat: 150 (3x5)

Following proper diet. Consuming 2100 Calories
Daily diet Micros: Total Calories: 2100 ( 480 Protein/ 1300 Carb / 700 Fat)
About myself im 36 yo. 170 CM, 154 lb, 16% BF

Thanks in advance.

ok lets begin here.

Those macros dont add up to 2100.

Also generally people count the grams rather than calories but minor detail.

So you eat 120p/325c/78f and that adds up to 2480 calories. IMO I would increase the protein to 150 and drop the fats to 50 and fill the rest in with carbs until you get to 2000 calories (230 carbs). This should improve composition.

Next I was hoping for a 1-5 rep max but this works. If that is in Kilos then not bad and try the adjusted diet for a month but you are still not where I would consider gear ready. You should work on your Squats and deads as well. The stimulation that comes from those 2 exercises does wonders for a physique especially in beginners.

(If that is in pounds then get your ass back in the gym!!!)

You need to do a TON more research before considering gear. Dial in your diet and your lifting for a few years. The gear will always be there when you are really ready.

Also what is your training program?

Hi Botslayer,
Training Programme:
One muscle per day (One day off in a week)
20 Min Cardio b4 workout and 10 min after workout.

Yes i am working on my diet and supplements and shall increase protein and cut fats.
Im researching on gear since long.

few years?? i am already 36 … i want to be fit by this year end.

Can’t i train hard for a month and then go for a gear?
Wouldn’t the cycle give me extra pump to build strength?

I could have gone for it already but need you guys with me so that i can access you guys for help whenever needed.
I am browsing across internet and found many guys have gained muscles and strength from cycles. As many said i will not gain much but its possible i might gain good muscle and strength, and even if i don’t gain it will b an good experience…right?
Will you guys help me if i go for simple test-e cycle standard one which is suggested in all threads?

I might b sounding impetient and kiddish but i am really serious on this.

Thanks Botslayer in advance!

Your training is not ideal…(it actually sounds like it sucks)

Cardio is not helping your effort.

Training 1 muscle per day is not ideal as your body has sooo many muscles you are missing soo many muscles.

Kidding aside because I know what you meant but that split sucks. Train movements, the muscle will follow. Your body has 3 basic movements Push-Pull-Squat. And your body recovers much faster than every 7 days.

I am also going to assume your training is machine based, well that also sucks.

2 Options guaranteed much better than your current training:

PPL (Push-Pull-Legs)
Day 1
Day 2
Bench-Military Press-Dips-Triceps
Day 3
Power Row-Pullups-T-Bar Rows-Biceps

Day 1
Day 2
Bench-Power Row-Dips-Pullups

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I speak from some experience.

A buddy of mine wanted to do gear because he had been “lifting” for several years. All he ever did was machines. He looked decent, slim, 6 foot 175 pounds and lean. He has a personal trainer he thinks is good because he pays her to take him from one machine to the next each day.

I had been actually lifting heavy compounds for 4 years. I was 200 pounds at maybe 15-18% BF. (I let myself go a bit before the cycle)

We both went on cycle together (1st for each). We are both coming off now. He gained 20 pounds but mostly water and he looks like a more watery version of himself. The last 3 weeks I have been training him 3 days a week because he saw the difference our training made.

I gained about 15 pounds initially (spent the entire cycle cutting) and now am right around 11% BF at 205 pounds. Big 3 went from 405-315-545 to 505-365-605 but what you care about is the look. I look huge. If I would have been better precycle on my diet I would be shredded right now and the other day a person actually told me “You are just too darn big” when he was trying to walk around me on the sidewalk. I said “thanks, but thats not a real thing”. I am not really that big but you get the idea.

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Get your training and diet on point and then do the drugs.

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Cut out all the cardio. If you insist on doing cardio, do either really intense, vomit-inducing sprints a couple times a week, or long, slow walks, nothing in between. It eats muscle.

Increase your protein intake and reduce your fat intake.

Lift heavy with big, compound movements, and increase your overall training volume. A good template for a bodypart workout might be a big, heavy, compound movement for 4-6 sets of 4-6 reps, then get some volume with 3 sets of 12 or 4 sets of 10, short rest breaks. Then finish off with an intensity technique like drop sets or a giant set. Do this for each bodypart you work, and leave it all in the gym each day.

If you can do this properly for 6 months you will look like a different person. Stay off the gear for now. It isn’t magic. It will only enhance what you’re doing right, not fix all the things you’re doing wrong.

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Thanks Botslayer and Juggs really helpful reply!
I would drop cycle thought for now.

Tell me can i use D-Bol 10 mg/day for 6 weeks for boost in gym?

Is D-Bol 10mg/day considered as Cycle?

I can add Adex small dose for AI… your thoughts?

I dont feel energy boost in gym what are the options?

Thanks in Advance.

Yes dbol would be considered a cycle. Kind of a shitty one if done by itself. It’s best stacked with test. Either way you need an AI like adex at 0.25-0.5mg EOD.

Ref energy in the gym - get more sleep, try a preworkout supplement.

Maybe get your hormone levels checked (free testosterone) if energy is always an issue and you generally have no motivation, especially accompanied with brain fog, irritability, poor sleep, weight gain, etc.

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Thanks Juggs,
No i dont have any other issues mentioned by you… energy is there but en extra boost im looking for lifting heavy.
I have checked my Testosterone its 567.1 (Range 249-836 ng/dl).

I will go for creatine may be as prework out suppliment.

Well that’s good to know. And smart to check your test levels before cycling. Dbol would definitely give you some great pumps, lots of strength, and some healthy aggression in the gym, but as I said it’s best stacked with test, because it halts your natural testosterone production. If I were to run it by itself, I would run hCG at a minimum to try to negate that as much as possible. And definitely an AI, unless you want to hold a ton of water and look like the Sta-Puft marshmallow man. And with any cycle, PCT is a must.

I still think you should make some tweaks to your training and diet first and see if they’re working. If they do, then go ahead and cycle.

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Yes. I am going to go natural for atleast two months and see the results!
thanks a ton for your advice!

If I had your test levels I would have never cycled!!!

You mean with 567.1 Test level i can build a ripped body easily?
Quite encouraging!

If you have spare time…can you tell me detailed exercise regime to do that?
or may be if you have your old logs which you followed while you were beginner …
Also recommend suppliments for gaining strength and energy boost
will b help for me in a tremendous way!

Thanks in advance

I do think with 500+ test you should be able to accomplish your goals. Your specific goals might even be easier due to the bloat and water weight gain that usually comes from test cycles.

Program I already posted. PPL is probably best if you want to train 5-6 days a week. Compound lifts, also aready posted.

Rep schemes in relation to working weight:

5-10 reps @

Working weight would be the amount of weight you last ocmpleted at that exercise. 1st 3 sets are warmups then your last completed weight then if you complete it add 5% until failure to complete the desired reps.

If you want more work at a certain exercise do “burner sets”. Drop the weight to 80% of last completed and do as many reps as possible. FAILURE ALWAYS OCCURS AT FORM BREAKDOWN, not muscle failure.

That is what I have pretty much always done. I do switch between PPL and Upper/lower but generally I do better with PPL. Do what you like best and what works best for you. The programming can change but the exercises should remain the same.

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as for supplements they are all trash, sold by steroid users to the uniformed.

That being said, creatine mono or micronized (the rest are gimmicks which work as well or worse than mono or micronized) and caffeine are 2 tried and proven supplements.

Creatine might cause some bloat at first or in my case always (so I dont use it).

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Why train not like this:

mon: deadlift+ upper back + bi
tues: bench + upper chest+ tri
wo: rest
Thurs: Squat +rest of legs
fri incline bench overhead press rest of shoulders
sat back an other weak parts

this is how i train gr