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Can I Get to my Goal with Only BW Exercises?

Hello everyone, I am a 21 year old male and I am 6’8 and weigh 187 pounds. I want to be around 210 punds. I want your opinions how should I aproach this, I am not looking to be super strong or be buffed, I just wanna be fit and healthy. Some people say that I need to hit the weights to gain weight, but I am not sure they are for me since I thin and long limbed(especially squats).

To answer your question, if you did BW exercises and increased the amount of calories you take in, you could and probably would gain weight. Ross Enamait wrote an article about it.

You are tall, but look at all the pro athletes who are your height who lift. Brian Shaw and Rob Oberfest are two of the strongest men in the world, both over 6’04, actually they are probably your height. I am almost 6’3 with narrow bones and long limbs and I lift. Yes squatting and pressing will be harder for you. But, some exercises such deadlifts will probably be easier.

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Specifically, they are both around 6’8; same height as the topic creator. Hafthor is also like 6’9. All outstanding examples.

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Yeah at 6’8 you will need to get to like 220 just to look like you even lift/not scrawny. So dont fear getting ‘too buffed’ .
The fastest way to get their will be to hit the weights on a proven template. Start off with one of these for a couple months then move on to 5/3/1 template or THibadeau program…

good tips here also:

For diet pound down lean meat, eggs, green veg and good fats

(if reeealy want to stick to bodyweight only get ‘jailhouse strong’ by Josh Bryant)


In your upper, yes, in your lower body no.

I googled them, beasts! I just wanna say I did SL but it’s not worth it without a good personal trainer to correct you. The amount of work I have to put in from mobilty work to slower progression…

I know I won’t be ‘super buffed’ and it is even hard for me to consider that because it will take years of work at the gym but I don’t want to set goals that I don’t find beneficial to me. 210 or 220 is something I find the best for me. Thanks for the links interesting stuff.

Ok cool, let us know how it goes

Micheal jordan 6,6 217 , with guys your height , just the longer bones and surface area of skin , require a lot of calories.
Find calorie dense food that you like to eat, and find a basic lifting program like badger suggested.
Some gym equipment may not suit you though, but most will.
The only person i met who had to keep from getting to buff was a , African-American girl who ran track, and didnt want arms to get to big.

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Just wanted to add can I do squats and deadlifts since I have scoliosis? It’s not that serious but still…

I have some mild-moderate scoliosis. Never really had an issue with squats or deadlifts as long as I focused on technique.