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Can I Get Sued for Badmouthing a Doctor on a Public Facebook Group?

I’m saying very, very bad things about a local doctor in our small town of 10K’s highly popular Facebook group. I’m going for the jugular, eating his heart. I’m saying things that in my opinion are true to the best of my knowledge, accurate, and deserving to be said, but might injure his reputation, which I would very much like to see, because I truly despise the man. His idiocy caused serious harm to me a long time ago, and I have not forgiven it. I’m not doing anything criminal like making threats, just using the strongest possible language to tell people to beware him. I am genuinely proud of my work, but can he sue me for it?I

We couldn’t give you accurate legal advice without a link to said group…

My feelings are - if you wait long enough you’ll find out if he can sue you.


How did he harm you? I felt the same after my last prostate exam.


I don’t know all that much, but I think the incompetent part(s) might be. If he actually does lose money/patients, he might be able to (accurately or not) tie a dollar amount of loss to your comments.

He might not need a high chance of winning a court case to take you to court. I mean, even if he thinks he will lose the case, it might be necessary or worth it to drag you through court anyways. Maybe you’ll settle for a stomach churning sum of money.

If it’s your opinion and you portray it as fact, I don’t know

If the conversations take turns where it seems like your goal is to harm his reputation, that might be a factor. Are you being asked questions by others that you answer honestly, or do you keep jumping in on others’ convos? For example. Just some thoughts. I don’t know.

I suspect you have more to lose and less to gain in this than you’ve realized, although I don’t know you

I doubt he could sue you, even if he loses patients. The same thing happens with restaurants, bars, etc. People post reviews on Yelp that can be quite nasty for good reason. The food was undercooked, waitstaff was rude, etc.

If you start becoming detailed regarding potential malpractice, that may be a separate issue. I am not sure.

Yes, you can get sued. Anyone can get sued for anything.

If your question is “can I be sued successfully”? The answer is “it depends.”

Depending on your jurisdiction, what you are saying might be slanderous. Something slanderous is a factual statement that tends to harm reputation. An opinion is not slanderous, but what is, and is not, an opinion (even if couched as “it is my opinion that” – which helps but is not a silver bullet) is highly situationally dependent and dependent on your very local law and the opinion of the judge.

Note I said “any factual statement”. Even if true.

Truth is AN AFFIRMATIVE DEFENSE to a slander claim (unless the doctor is a public figure). That means you would have to prove the statement is true. Being mistaken – i.e., not lying, but just a good faith mistake – helps a little with exemplary damages, but not that much.

Anyway, be careful.


From what you describe, getting sued would be a small price to pay for exacting revenge upon your enemies through social media posts. With any luck, you can completely ruin his life.

You can also check to see if you live in a mutual combat state. Challenge him to a fight on your town’s Facebook page. I’m sure it would feel great to whoop this guys ass. Put the hurt on, he’s got it coming.

There’s also no laws against fucking his wife, which is another angle to consider.

Good luck, and keep us posted on your progress.


I like your way of thinking !

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This, like all of your decisions in threads you post on here, is a great decision. You should be proud of yourself. People in your tiny town definitely think what you’re doing is very cool.


I don’t think I’m the only person who wants to see more people start logs on this site. Everyone talks about getting revenge, but nobody wants to put the work in to see real results.

A payback log with daily updates on the progress of this guy’s harassment campaign could inspire countless others to walk the walk and start getting real results.


You’re getting legal advice from a lifting website regarding the medical advice you’re sharing on a facebook page.

You need a life coach.


I’m enjoying this thread more than I should, but I’ll bring it back to some real advice.

If he’s done something genuinely complaint worthy he’ll be registered to a medical board where you can bring a formal complaint, which will be investigated and if you’re not just some disgruntled patient with an axe to grind, then you’ll get a significantly better outcome than just running your mouth on the internet.


That actually depends on the state. In some states you could be sued for “Alienation of affection” for having a romantic relationship with someone else’s spouse.


That’s why I make sure to revenge fuck the wives of my enemies in international waters.


It’s starting to sound like this might be a frequent occurrence.

Your definition of “enemy” might be too broad. Either that or mine needs to be widened. No, not like that. :joy:

I believe all of those have now been deemed to violate the US constitution.