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Can I Get Some Critique on My Workout Plan?

I am 6’3", 18, and have been training for two years.

Please critique looking to learn but this is what I have been running and getting solid results

warm up: SMR + Pull ups variation 3x10 + Push ups variation 3x20/ On push days always warm up with light shoulder exercises for example ATYT. Ab workouts a few times a week pretty much when I feel like it.

Lift rep ranges: 3 sets leading up to a heavy set where you fail around 4-6 followed by a drop set on all lifts first two sets are around 12-8 reps and drop sets are until failure

Day 1 Back/Bis

Lat pull down
Bent Over Row
Seated Row
2 types of bicep curl variations

Day 2:Chest/Tris

Incline press dumbell or barbell
Flat bench flys
Lower chest cable fly
Machine chest press
Tricep pushdown variation
Scull Crusher variation

Day 3 Legs

Start with a Squat
single leg squat
Romanian deadlift
Leg press
Hamstring Curl
Leg extension

Day 4 Shoulders/Chest

Shoulder Press
Lateral Raise
Shoulder press machine
Rear delt
Incline chest either machine cable of bench
Flat chest either machine cable of bench

Then rest as needed and start over. Most of the time I supplement exercises for each other so I don’t do the same thing everyday for example I would do an arnold press one week and then next do a seated military or I might do a front squat instead of the back squat but I always try to hit the same areas in different ways. And being that this is for bodybuilding I will always cutback on areas where I excel and add in some stuff for the lacking muscles

I do cardio about once a week because Im bulking and when I cut I just up it to atleast three times and I usually do hitt or go mountain biking

I just want feedback and suggestions the ultimate goal is to get bigger and look my best

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who came up with this program? there isn’t necessarily anything about this that would hinder progress, although I think some of your lift choices are somewhat redundant. But it definitely seems like a program you wrote yourself. And if I can look at a program and tell that it was not written by a coach, it probably means it’s not a great program.


Have you considered the principle of overload in planning your program?

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This program is shockingly not awful. Make sure to research rep rangers for different exercises. As in you probably shouldn’t be doing 3x10 for deadlifts as well as lateral raises. Also how you want to plan some progression with the compound lifts should be looked at.

I usually don’t do dead lifts 3x10 its generally one set around 10 to 12 then one around 6 to 8 and then one around 4 and then followed by a dropset and the same goes for the lateral raises.
Do you think this is a problem?

The lift choices are just examples of what I would hit that day but I change them almost every time but I still hit the same areas just different ways so for example always get upper lower and flat chest in but the way I hit that spot varies almost everyday. I also always have a compound lift that relates to what I am hitting so always a barbell squat either front or back and always a bench dead and strict

What does it matter what we think if you are getting solid results? Keep at it mate and come talk to us when it starts to get stale or you stall.

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I’ll agree with irishman here. if you are satisfied with your results, keep doing this. if you become unsatisfied, pick a pre-existing program and follow it to the letter, and compare results to what you did before.

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What results are you having with this training?

Generally 4 way BB split and also drop sets/failure techniques not really recommeneded for beginners,
something off this site like one of these would be preferable…

I’m not a beginner been lifting for 2 years

I just wanted to see if there is room for improvement. I want my program to be as efficient as possible.

I just used 3x10 deadlifts as an example. Judging by your response I would advise you find a program on the site and follow it to the letter. And for god sake man don’t use dropsets on deadlifts… ever…

Have you paid your dues of three stalls to the Rip Lord?

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Sure, purely said it 'cos you’re posting in… “Beginners” section


So even though you think my program isn’t bad, just because I did drop set deadlifts (and now know not to) I should scrap the entire thing and use a program from the forums?

Im not brand new but two years is still pretty new and I am definitely a beginner when it comes to making my own program.

The outline isn’t bad. The issue is you lack proper knowledge on rep ranges and progression. A program on this site will provide all this information and make your progress faster… RampantBadger provided several very good options…

Dont need to reinvent the wheel - just run though proven templates off this site over the course of the year and will still steady progress for a long time. As it says 12 week run of a bro split like youre doing is ok to do once in a while also…

What is the frequency of this workout?

6 days a week I do three days then active rest where I usually go mountain biking and then three again