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Can I get ripped without having a calorie deficit

I am coming off my 2 weeks of massive eating along with Mag10. I would like to get rid of the fat I added, though I did not add that much. The program says to go to a calorie maintenance diet now for 2 weeks, but without a calorie deficit, how will I get cut. However, I will be using T2, MD6, Tribex, M, and Methoxy 7. Will those supplements get me cut without being on a calorie deficit.

You first goal is not to lose the muscle you gained, hence the two weeks of maintenance. Dieting hard right away is not a good idea. You can diet after the two weeks.

boosting your metabolic rate, (metabolism), on maintenance calories will cause you to lose fat. Or if you increase the amount of muscle you will burn more fat. Fat burners help to boost your metabolic rate as well as certain training. laters pk


If the program requires you to go on a “maintenance diet for 2-weeks” - then do so. Don’t try to also go on a “cutting cycle” (which sounds to me, you’re trying to do). Save your T2 and MD6 until you’re ready for a cutting cycle(and also continue with Methoxy). If you’re not using MAG-10, then the Tribex, M and Methoxy will do the trick. I have experience with Methoxy. Even double dosing. And I really believe in that product.

Also, at this point what are you doing in terms of routine? 5x5? That should help, also. Okay, so maintain for the next two weeks. After which, you then go on a cutting cycle. And regarding getting cut w/out going on a calorie deficit diet. Yup, I think you can. By increasing physical activity maybe even adding a few sessions of HIIT during the week. I've done it and it's worked even for me. I didn't decrease my calories one iota also.


maintain for 2 weeks, use the tribex and methoxy, after 2 weeks go on your rip phase, you want your body to adjust to the muscle gain while off anabolics and you need to recoup hormonaly. laters pk

Nothing will help you to lose fat if you’re not in a calorie deficit. Clear enough?

exacty char dawg. If all you had to take to get cut was some supplements, everybody would be ripped. Take two weeks to solidify your gains. THen you need a calorie deficit to get cut, whether you do it through reducing cals, increasing cal expenditure, or a combo of those (best idea) you must have it to get cut. period.