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Can I Get Private Labs Ordered Without MD?

I’ve been reading a lot of post the past few weeks since I’m new to TRT. I see a lot of guys posting lab results with numbers clearly too high for TRT, and I"m sure would be a red flag so I dont think this are MD ordered labs. I want to try a few different cycles on different products, and get panels to see their impact on my body good and bad. Anyone know how to get labs not ordered from your MD? I am in NY which I know sucks.

Privatemdlabs is my favorite. You can choose between labcorp or quest diagnostics locations for the blood draws. Quest is cheaper if you have one near you.

Whichever service you choose, they usually have a 15-20% off coupon at all times, do a search for that. For privatemdlabs the code is the 3 letter month followed by the 20 number year. So currently it’s “JUL20”

I was gonna send you to Private MD but then I saw this

Good call, forgot about that.

Option 2 is a TRT clinic that doesn’t care what your labs look like. There are a few, most in Florida, but they do telemedicine.

Option 3 is blast and cruise. Blast with a short ester if you can, it will be out of your system in a couple weeks for a blood test.

If you choose this route, it is illegal and comes with some risk although minimal these days.

If anyone gets pissed about it, just say you took your bloodwork a day after your shot. Or you switched to EOD injections and messed up the math by accident. Unless your levels are like 5000ng/dL a white lie will just get you a slap on the wrist if anything. Still illegal though :slight_smile:

There are some anti aging clinics that will prescribe up to 400mg/week test + HGH + anavar and only test your bloodwork if you ask them to.

Then there are some that monitor your blood like a hawk and only precise 100mg/week.

This would be awesome but super expensive

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I know. I looked into it and it was something like $2000/month for a blast. At least you know you’re getting legit gear and legally. Pharma grade HGH is damn hard to source. And even if it was legit from UGL, if stored or shipped improperly it’s bunk.

I’ll have to drive to Pa. I guess I’m ok with that. Who is this group out of Fla? I’m in minus hgh lol

My UGL is legit from China. Its actually pretty stable in its powder form but it does become fragile once reconstituted.

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Do you take it year round?

Yeah, its been around 18 months. I started at 5 iu/day for 90 days then tapered down over time. Now I’m at 2/day for maintenance.