Can I Get It Back at 55 Years Old?

2 years ago I could bench 430. I went on a low carb diet and my bench took a nose dive.
I’ve since started eating more carbs and gaining weight, but my strength isn’t no where
near what it used to be. Is this because i’m 55 and we don’t have the same strength and
muscle memory anymore?

doubt it… how long have you been at it… meat, petes and dog will be better to answer your question though

You can get close, if not all the way back. Stay injury free, took 2 years to get where you’re at…going to take some time to get back.

At 54 my bench went up 40lbs in less than a year. Doesn’t say much for where I was in my youth, but it’s the best it’s ever been.

I’m 55 and have more strength now than ever in my life . . . on the other hand, never had much strength before . . . wouldn’t say age, by itself, is a problem.