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Can I Get Help with My Macros?


Here is what I've been eating for my cut:

The numbers you see next to the food item is in the format (Total Calories, PRO, FAT, CHO)
So 1 Cup Egg Whites (120, 24, 0, 4) means 120 calories, 24g protein, 0 fat and 4 carbs.

I would like to turn my ratios into a more endomorphic split and I want 35% Protein, 40% Fat, and 25% Carbs

Take those totals, and you get (2182, 224, 98, 79.5) = 42% Protein /42% Fat / 15% Carbs

I want 35% Protein /40% Fat / 25% Carbs

What would you change?


You're a skinny, pale Mormon kid. The last thing you need is a fucking cut!
You need to eat more protein (by the way, you count only the protein from primary sources like animal products) and finally get on a fucking date!

You wanted less protein and more carbs... No comment...


science has shown that the swollest mormons have the most wives