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Can I Get Good Results from 300mg of Test a Week?

When I first went my test was in the 300 range so they started me at 200mg a week and told me they wanted me to be around 1700 range the next I felt ok I had ok energy but didn’t notice anything really then I went again did my blood work I was in the 900 range so they bumped it up to 300 I felt good I work 11hour days hard work and still come home with enough energy to work out I can now notice a big difference in my body I have good muscle tone to my back shoulders traps and I’m dropping weight while building muscle so this last time I did my blood work I was 1700 range I plan on keeping here as long as I can before sides start to kick in but I’m new to trt and don’t know what’s healthy or what is but I like the input it put my mind at ease so thank you

holy shit, five hundred and eleven inches tall and only 235 pounds, how are you alive, come to think of it, at that height you’re magnitudes taller than the tallest man in the world.


Lol my bad lol yeah I suck at this shit I didn’t notice I put that lol

How much weight have you gained in those 4 weeks? There are a variety of reasons to gain a few reps in 4 weeks, but it also wouldn’t qualify as impressive gains for many guys either. You’re trying to compare opinion as empirical data.

Yes, dependent on what results you are seeking. Muscle, fat loss, strength? Yes, however there is a point of diminishing returns where more is not necessarily better.

I’m wanting to get lean drop body fat just get into good shape I mean I’m middle aged I want to look and feel good for the last years of my life lol

This is actually grounds for going to see a doctor who actually knows what he’s doing for TRT.

Does that sound like good medical practice. You likely will experience side effects some of which you might not even feel for a long time.

300mg is not TRT man, so you should ask in the AAS section

So what would be considered a safe trt dose of this place is putting me at risk wouldn’t my bloodwork show something out of wack or should I ask more questions when I do get my results

Somewhere in the 100-200mg per week range is where the vast vast majority of TRT users end up. Usually starts at 100 and moves up if needed.

Not correct, some people require larger doses to get themselves in range. It’s taken me 18 months gradually increasing to 350 in order to get the the lower normal range for free T.


Late to see this but wanted to respond anyway.

The answer is pretty simple. If you’re taking test and getting to the normal range for a man your age then no, additional gains shouldn’t be much more than a natty. But if you’re hitting a normal range for a man who’s 20 years younger then I’d say it should be expected that your results will be quite different. I’m 38 but have test levels of an 18 year old. Do 18 year olds have the ability to gain muscle mass that is greater than a 38 year old? Of course. So what’s to stop me from getting similar results?

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What do your test levels look like ?

I’m 40 and my levels are usually 700s to 900s. What is normal for 40 and 18 years old? My friend is 46 and his last value was in the 700s with no ever.

I don’t think I’ll ever be convinced that functioning is different at 500 versus 1000. Fluctuations within the mid to high normal range don’t effect anything. There is no “optimal” value. My thoughts though.

There is more to the decline in physique and physical performance than T values.

This is your opinion, and not fact based. What number is the breakpoint for T replacement vs a cycle? Everyone responds to injections differently.

Bully for you. When I was 35 mine was 328. Now it’s ~1,000. Two years later and +40lbs of mass that I couldn’t put on before tell me there’s a difference between low and high. Vanishing of years of depression, anxiety, low libido, and general malaise tell me high is better than low.


I mean it’s 700 to 900 with TRT. I tested at 240 when I was diagnosed with hypogonadism.

But why are you on TRT? If it doesn’t do anything and is unlikely to create any benefits why spend the last two decades in it?

Or is it possible that you benefitted tremendously by having better recovery, better endurance, and an overall better sense of well-being, all of which lead to better dieting practices and much better training, which results in…wait for it…more muscle growth? Is that perhaps possible?