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Can I Get Good Results from 300mg of Test a Week?

So I’m talking 300 mg test c a week I’m 511 and 235 and 23percent bf my goal is to lose 30 pounds or so I’m going to start power lifting along with good conditioning to shed more body fat almost forgot I’m 43 my question is can I gain good results with that amount of test??

I’m actually taking this as my trt dose from a hormone clinic I have my arimadix I take once a week and I get my blood work done every six weeks

You have a generous Dr. The standard TRT dose is 125mg/week, which you can make decent gains on, especially as its legit pharma.

It’s a weight loss and hormone place I went there because I knew that a regular trt clinic wouldn’t give me that amount but I’ll tell one thing is I feel really good lol and they go by your symptoms not numbers before I went I was 270 of just no motivation tired of the way I looked low t at it’s worst know I’m down to235 and alive again thanks to this place

OK so you really aren’t here for any advice. Good luck with your protocol. See Ya.


300 mg isn’t TRT. That’s actually three times the clinical dose.


Your symptoms could have been resolved with 100 mg per week. Be prepared for other possible symptoms with 300 mg per week.

Do you think one can make extraordinary gains with 125 mg. As said on this forum (I am a broken record with this), I’ve been on TRT for almost 20 years and I cannot see how a hypgonadal man taking TRT with T values in the normal range can make any gains significantly better than a eugonadal man.


I was curious at first on the doses and results I could expect but now maybe im thinking tapper down I’m wanting to feel better not fuck myself up thanks for the advice I’m going to look into lowering my dose

Don’t tell
Dr you lowered it.

Without bloodwork you’re really doing yourself a disservice.

No I won’t do it without talking to them first I’m sure if it wasn’t safe they wouldn’t put me that high well the reason I first asked this question was I have a friend who’s a straight meat head he’s 26 been on cycle for like more then a year never came off or had blood work done he’s to scared he thinks the more higher the better I just let him get inside my head is what it is he’s always saying that’s not going to help you need higher doses but I’m 43 I’m just wanting to be able to feel better workout and lose weight but I do feel better I get my blood work done every six weeks so I’m safe as long as my bloodwork is good just wanted some good input

That was def the longest run on sentence I’ve read in a while.

300mg a week is low end for a true “cycle” but is quite high for TRT. Usually people start closer to 100mg and I don’t know anyone over 200mg a week.

Lol sorry about that I need to brush up on my writing skills I’m really new to this it’s shows lol but thank you any advice is good advice thank you.

I’m not going to chastise you or say you should do this or you shouldn’t do that…I have no idea what your personal situation is and you haven’t offered very many details. I’ll just ask one question, and I’ll make one statement.

The question…
Do you have full labs showing current levels and ranges from when you went to your initial consult and were prescribed this dose? Basically, what was that high of a dose based on and could you post them here including the lab ranges?

The statement…
Going to upper ranges and over of free T, when you still have a ton of fat to lose, is going to be very problematic for you. You’re potentially going to make yourself take the roller coaster ride of the aromatase and AI train, and be very frustrated.

Brick, It depends on what you call extraordinary gains. They won’t get to be a pro open bodybuilder, but in all likelihood you can achieve a better physique than most talented true natties. Why, because a true natty will have fluctuations in testosterone production, weekly, let alone over the years due to aging. Exogenous testosterone is going to be in your system at a steady amount, no matter what else you do(overtrained or sick etc).

Of course you will eventually plateau your physique development in terms of size at a particular dose.

My observations derive from my experience cycling gear. I had 27 years of natty training under my belt before taking steroids. I used to like a cycle of about 500-600mg per week for various legal reasons I don’t use illegally obtained steroids anymore.

I went through the trt route, and thought that it would be crap in comparison to what I was taking before. Instead I became pleasantly surprised at how much benefit I can eek out of 125mg/week. Not much of a decrease in strength or size at all. Would more mg/wk be more effective, well yes. I feel like 250mg /week pharma grade would give me as much advantage as 500-600mg of UGL gear.

Trt aside I think many guys jump into high dose cycling, when they could have gained as good results with much less mg, less negative side effects, and long term health issues.

I can make impressive gains less than 80mg weekly or TT 500, it’s not so much about the amount of Test, it’s more about your CAG receptor repeat lengths. A little bit of Test will go along way with guys who have triple receptor repeat lengths.

I just road bikes at the beach for 25 miles all with 97 ng/dL in the tank, off TRT for awhile.

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Thanks for that bit of knowledge,knowledge is priceless and I’ll post my bloodwork but that makes a lot of sense thanks again that’s what I was looking for thanks for all the input

Isn’t that like saying guy make impressive gains because you have good genes considering 500 Ng/dL is mid-normal?

System, I am curious what this means ? On TRT I have to force myself to stop working out. Every week my ability to lift heavier weights keeps going up. I started benching 235 for 6 reps and at week 4 I just did it for 11 reps and probably could have gotten 12. This is on 160 mg of test cyp. I have read that other people do not notice strength or body comp changes until like week 6-8. Does this have something to do with receptors?

Yes it does, I noticeable changes to body comp on only 7-10mg daily within 3 weeks, this is the time family starting taking notice. TRT even increase my low SHBG from 14–>22.