Can I get a spot?...

Do you guys get pissed off when someone asks you for a spot during your workout? I’ve had a partner for a while, but he just moved and I’m flying solo for a while now. As long as I’m not supersetting or anything… I don’t mind helping somebody out. I’m into the second phase of Ian Kings 12 weeks to SS and I’m going to need some assistance with my benches. I really only need help with about 4 sets. I never really ask strangers… especially with multiple sets, and I’m just trying to figure the best way without getting on somebodys nerves. I don’t put up huge loads so I can hopefully just ask some punk for some help. I do know I’d rather ask someone for a spot than yell for them to take the bar off my throat, ya know? Thanks guys for any input.

I dont get pissed when someone asks me for a spot

While working out or working at the gym I dont mind spotting. Especially if I am working I would rather give a spot then see a person get stuck then have to run over lift the weight off. Its more courtious to me for you to ask me for a spot then for you to get stuck next to me. Thats annoying and I am sure you would agree.

I have no problem helping out with a spot under normal circumstances. Just the other day though a guy asked me to spot him on SMITH MACHINE bench presses…WTF??? And to make matters worse, he then asked me to spot him on decline bench. Puts 315 on the bar when he had no business doing more than half that, and just like the old Charles Poliquin adage, I ended up pulling a 315 lb. upright row on the very first rep. I was none too happy to say the least. I hate people like that.

I never mind when somebody asks me for a spot. Just make sure you ask the right person. If they look pissed to begin with, or if they don’t look like they know how to spot, or if they seem to be timing their rest between sets, you should find somebody else.

I’m more than happy to give someone a spot, unless they expect me to hang clean the weight off their chest :).

Just a side note on spotters: Make sure the guy who is spotting you knows you want a real spot and not someone to upright-row the weight for you. I work out solo all the time, and sometimes if I forget to tell the random person I ask for a spot that I actually want to lift the weight myself I’ll have someone yanking up on the bar on the first rep, or, not as bad, starting to pull up on the weight the second one of my reps looks slower than a previous rep. Trust me, it will save you some major frustration, especially if you’re attempting a max or a PR.

Hmm… I’ve never seen anybody else time their rest expect me.
Sometimes if I have my friend with me and I have to spot for him, it pisses me off because he usually concenrates maybe 1-2 minutes.

Timing rest is very important though
and absolutely should be done. I don’t
use a stopwatch (really should) but
instead count off 4 minutes in my head
(my most-typical figure.)