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Can I Get a Hands In...


You know guys, call me sentimental, but i honestly just wanted to drop a major "thank you" to all the seniors/information circulating out there.

Before i started, we'll say when i was 16yrs old, i was 5'5, 220lbs of pure fat. At that first time, all i did was watch Arnold movies like Conan, and wish his body. I would emotionally tear myself apart, yet i was too young and ignorant to do anything about it, just hoped some magical force would "fix" me. Then the first car entered my group of friends, and that was great 'n all, up until a few months down the road where we got into our first car accident. I was put into a coma for a week, had a collapsed and pierced lung, and was nearly blinded on both eyes (as the inch scar above my left and below right eye will testify to). When things got straightened out and my days were no longer hazy from the drugs i was on, i looked in the mirror and was completely disgusted. I decided to change something...

Later that week, i tried to go for a run, thinking 'hey, if i run, ill be lean and buff right?' I made it about 30yards and collapsed, my lungs had absolutely no capacity. At this point i was about 240lbs also.

Since then, i have dedicated my life to getting bigger, and stronger. I have studied training methods, diets, bodybuilding methodology, internet sites, bodybuilding books, etc. I am now 22yrs old, 230lbs with 15% BF, My bench and squat are over 500lbs, and my Deadlift is just about there(i didnt do DLs for a huge portion of the beginning because they honestly scared me) and im not satisfied. And thats where this site comes in.

I found this site not too long ago, and felt like a kid at Christmas. Before this site, i didnt really have anyone to talk to about this stuff, to ask questions and ACTUALLY take something they say. I only had friends who didnt understand my desire, my NEED to grow, or family members that questioned my life style, wondering if i "really wanna get that big." I often describe a solo bodybuilder's struggle as a constant uphill climb, where you can look down and see how far you've come, but you can never see the top. The snow gets thicker the higher you climb, the air gets thinner, it gets increasingly more difficult, especially when you're alone.

Which is why id like to drop a 'Thank you' to everyone out there. I've been reading many posts, many threads, trying to increase my own knowledge, to further my climb up this mountain of greatness, and although im new, and although i may get flamed (btw kiss my ass), Thank you to those who i can actually draw some knowledge from, you guys are making things a lot easier.


I know right, 09 = the devil! lol


uhm both of you's are 09'ers?


yep, as i stated, i only recently found this site.


You bench 500? You deadlift lessthan you bench?

Nice work but that stuff is kind of weird. You have any videos?


Dude i know, ive been curious about how i work for a long time. I was able to bench 500 before i squat it too. When i first started, i took much pride in my chest and when i hit it, i hit it hard, which accounts for the cougar claw size stretch marks on either side of my chest, but when i got seriously into bodybuilding and not just being a Big fucking dude, i became more serious with legs and lower back. Squats and deadlifts just scared the shit out of me early on because the first couple times i did it, i had terrible form, and it felt awkward. But i started squatting with plates under my feet and started using a belt, and i got a lot more comfortable with legs and my form, so my squat exploded. Im still working with my deadlift, i know its a must lol. Got a back day on thurs, so im try to push 450 or so, we'll see how things go. Got some fucking racing stripes on my shins from my last couple days of deadlifts lol. And no i have no videos.


solid work bro




Well i got nothing recent cuz i kinda made a lil promise to wait until im Way further down the road before i take another pic, i dunno im just way self conscious, but i do have this as the most recent one. Was taken close to 2 years ago. I was teetering around 200 here i believe, but This shows a lack of proportion and the size i carry now. Maybe in a couple months ill take a fresh pic and pop it in here


Snap a picture with you holding a piece of copy paper that says Manana, otherwise Im calling shenanigans.

And for somebody who takes pride in your chest, funny that it isnt highlighted in the one picture you posted.


I'd have to see a vid of that bench to believe it because that picture does not look like someone who could hit 500. Shit if you can squat 500 you definetly should be able to pull it. Unless we are talking equipped lifts I'm assuming yours are raw. 500 at 230 at 22 years with a fairly short lifting career is a ridiculous lift to claim with no proof.

If you can do that much congratulations but I need to see it to believe it. Still nice work so far, I'm not trying to be rude, I'm just not that naive.


...Reason i dont have a frontal pic is as i said, im extremely self conscious, and seeing as i had a good deal of fat remaining on this pic, didnt have a very great frontal shot.

And secondly, Why do i care if you believe me? It doesnt affect me in the slightest lol. What kind of person would post pics of another and false information to "impress" a bunch of people he would never meet or that would never affect him in his daily life lol?


in reply to that, like i said, its an old pic. In response to the numbers, the only explanation i could give is that i use a cage and that might make it more doable. I can understand that youd need proof and i know you're not trying to be rude, but as i responded to the above comment, im not skewing numbers to impress anyone here, it is what it is. I dont know what it is, but im strong for my size, and ive been trying to get bigger, but its a slow process. Prolly gonna get flamed for this too, but here's an example of my last chest routine to give you an idea of what i do:
Flat BB press- 20 reps/135lbs, 15reps/225lbs, 8reps/315lbs, 8reps/405lbs, 4reps/495lbs
Flat DB fly- 20reps/35lbs, 15reps/40lbs, 10reps/65lbs, 8reps/80lbs.
Incline DB press- 8/60, 8/80, 6/100, 5/120
Pec dec- 50/50 X2

And the exercises change weekely


Lol you know what, nm that stuff, cuz it just hit me that from your stand point, i couldve just pulled that out of my ass too. If someone doesnt believe me, thats cool, i understand. I'll just keep doing my thing lol.


230 at 5'5 is huge. I'm waiting for pics/vids as well, but for now, congrats


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Oh im not 5'5, i was 5'5 back in my chubby, early days of my youth (15 or 16 yrs old), lol sorry im 5'9 now.

And BB, i actually was corner rowing ( i think thats the name, where the barbell is in the corner of a room) 560 bout 3 weeks ago. I essentially had to take a week off after that work out because it felt like i pulled my acromioclavicular ligament. I mean i had needed that week off for a while so lol i guess it was for the best.

Will do though, i definately need more work to match everything up. THats the ongoing struggle of a BB, symmetry.


Good turnround man.

I assume you're taller now, too?


You must be new to the internets...

I could name a few that post here a lot, but I'm starting to believe they are all one or two people.


Do you at least see where I'm coming from? You're essentially benching as much as Kevin Levrone in Maryland Muscle Machine M3 and he was a 260 pound piece of solid muscle. Then you use very very light dumbells for inclines and I'm talking light compared to your bench and also light weight for flies. Just saying man, when your lifting just as much or more than some pro bodybuilders I've seen train it makes me wonder. I don't know what a cage is either, but why don't you just video your next bench workout, it wouldn't be that hard and if what you say is true I'll shut up and congratulate you.