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Can I Fit In Dbol?


Test pro 1-3: 100mg EOD
Test e 1-12: 500 mg E3D
Anastrozle 1-12: .50 EOD
Clomid 14-18: 100 mg

Friend gave me a months worth of 50mg dbol a month ago. And I'm wondering if I can fit it in my cycle


there’s always room for dianabol! Lovely stuff.

Use it for the first 4 weeks as a kickstart, or wait til the ester peaks then add it in.

The choice… is yours. Personally, I’d use it at the start instead of the prop.


the cycle looks good, i like how you added the test P at first for the kick start. thats pretty smart. that being said i suggest to start ur AI a week before your first pin, and add nolva to your pct.

as far as Dbol goes, it matches your cycle, i would run it 4 to 6 weeks starting at 40mg n up it a little bit for the last 2 weeks. make sure you protect your liver while on dbol. drink tons of water, and add liv52 and some milk thistle if u can.

keep us posted. and good luck