Can I Feel Anything from Doing One Testosterone Injection?

Hi, I’ve been having brain fog, depression, anxiety, restlessness, easily stressed-out, insomnia and bunch of other symptoms for years. Right now I’m working with a functional medicine doctor. One of the lab test show I have Low T.

I’m not really looking to do TRT because the side-effects worry me, and I dont like the idea of having to be dependent on it for the rest of my life. So I said to my doc that I prefer to try to increase it naturallly and he’s okay with it.

But he suggested to try one shot of TRT and see how I feel. He wants to get an idea how Low T is affecting me, if it is the main cause of my symptoms before pursuing the natural route, because he said trying to increase it naturally is a long process. My symptoms may be caused by other things.

So my questions are :

  1. Is injection the fastest way to feel anything? I’m looking for it effects on brain fog, mood and anxiety.

  2. Will doing one injection enough to feel anything? If it does, how long before I can feel something?

  3. Do I have to worry about side-effects from doing one injection?

  4. Do I have to worry about it shutting down natural T production from one injection?

One shot of TNE, if supraphysiologic will give you a quick boost without shutting down natty T production, but it’s a bad idea as it will not mimick the effects you can expect from TRT.

effects from TRT are gradual, neuro effects from test metabolotes are responsible for much of the sense of well-being people report on TRT, these effects can take a while to occur, esp if neurotransmitter imbalance has been around for ages due to hypogonadism.

This is true but I kind of agree with his doc that the one shot, if supra, will be enough to see if his low T condition is causing some of the other symptoms.

If you feel great, then you know that low T is causing your issues. If not, then you can start digging deeper into other areas like thyroid while you try other options for raising your T levels. The low T will need to be addressed, but I understand what your doc is trying to do. He doesn’t want you to waste months focusing on one area only to find out later that your main problem is something else entirely.

Thanks for the responses guys. Sorry what’s TNE?

Since the low T will need to be addressed anyway, whether its the main cause of my symptoms or not, can’t I work on increasing T naturally, while digging into other areas as well?

Sure you could, but what I think your doctor is trying to do is confirm that your symptoms are CAUSED by low T. If they are , then you can focus on that alone. If not, then you can be doing other diagnostics WHILE you are working on your low T.

Not saying i think this approach will work, I’m just saying that I think I understand what he is trying to do.

If your T is the entire issue, then you would be wasting a ton of money on other tests only to find out, if your T levels come back up eventually (and that’s a BIG IF trying to go the natural route),and the symptoms go away, that those diagnostics weren’t necessary.

Thanks, that make sense.

So if I’m getting this correctly, I may not notice effects from short term TRT injections, and TNE is a better way to test? Can you tell me what’s TNE? I dont know if I have this in my country.

I believe he is saying testosterone with no ester. Majority of injected test for TRT is bound with esters so that it releases slower than test without and needs to build up in your system. Injecting with no esters would get in your system quicker and then right back out as there is nothing binding it. Therefor you would feel the effects faster and only need one injection. I believe that is the thought, @unreal24278 can correct me if I’m wrong.

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You can start out by providing your hormone panel, if it doesn’t at the very least include Total T, Free T, SHBG and estrogen which I know it doesn’t, then my suggestion is finding a doctor who specializes in TRT and not a pretender.

First off I think you should be speaking with a doctor that knows what in the hell they are doing because it takes 6 weeks for T-cypionate to build up in your system and at least this long to start feeling better provided your levels are sufficiently elevated and you’re working with a doctor that specializes in this area of medicine or don’t bother!

TRT isn’t like party drugs where the benefit is immediate, it can take 6-12 months to see big changes in body composition, muscle, erection quality etc…

There aren’t many men who are low testosterone that are able to turn things around, it all depends on how low you’re scoring and you might be able to increase it a little, but eventually whatever is causing testosterone to be low will eventually win.

If you spend enough time on these forums you’ll see men inject once, twice and multiple times per week, NOT every 2-4 weeks. The latter is only practiced by incompetent doctors who have no knowledge in this area of medicine. SHBG levels is a good biomarker for making decisions on how often to inject testosterone.

Side effects are guaranteed for those working with a garden variety endocrinologist, urologist and GP’s (managed healthcare) that doesn’t specialize in TRT. For the record most don’t specialize in TRT, private doctors are where the TRT specialists are located in anti-aging and sports medicine.

If you live outside the US you will have to educate yourself and build/guide your own protocol because doctors are mostly useless.

Thanks a lot guys. It doesn’t seem as simple as I initially thought. I will have to chat with my doc.

Just post your levels. If your doc hasn’t run blood Test don’t let him shoot in the dark. This is stupid.

Almost any Trt doc with experience can look at a proper Set of labs and tell you if TRT will help. It’s a no brainer.

Your age and Lab are needed.

One shot doesn’t work if someone has really low T. It usually works in 1-3 days for men with normal or mid level ranges if T. Otherwise it’s just going to give you a little energy and increase in labido.

It probably will not make you feel better overnight. Get blood work. If the doc hasn’t gotten blood work and is suggesting to take a shot of trt, I can’t believe it’s avtially a medical doctor taking the risk and suggesting such a thing. No doc in america would put their license in jeopardy. They have to document every step they take with a patient and include proof as to why …