Can I Drll Effects?

I don’t have bloods but will do in

Yes you should have gotten blood work before doing anything, but I won’t lecture you.

250mg is probably WAY too high. Your BP is rising because your hct is probably off the charts. Depending on SHBG and how your body metabolizes exogenous Test, you may be at supraphysiological levels of serum T. If that’s the case, then you just ran a cycle for 14 weeks, which is probably way too long to blast.

You should STOP everything you’re doing right now and read the pharma section and get advice for a proper PCT. After that, go to baseline natural for at least 8 weeks and then go get your bloodwork done and see where you’re at.

Post those bloods here and then we can help steer you in the right direction.

I am stupidity incarnate for doing this before bloods but I felt so awful that I had to do something.

And when I started I felt amazing.

Bloods will be telling in a week or so.

I think elevated E2 is the problem for ed and lack of feeling. Been eating lots of broccoli to hopefully lower E2.

I would say that’s a good guess. With 30% BF, you’re probably aromatasing a lot.

Again, your best bet would be to PCT, then stabilize at natural levels. Then go get bloodwork and start looking at legitimate TRT.

You cannot be in surprisingly good shape if you’re 30% BF, your body is less efficient and is more than likely aromatising quit a lot. Your old protocol was excessive, no wonder you’re were having problems.

Your testosterone and estrogen will be fluctuating for the next 6 weeks and expect ups and downs. Everytime you change something about your protocol, you induce fluctuations for 6 weeks and during this time your will feel hypogonadal on and off.

Do not go off completely , drop your dose to twice a week 60mg injections . Stay on that for 6 weeks straight , don’t add or take away . After the 6 weeks go get bloods , get on a treadmill everyday from from now till till then for 30-45 mins at a 5% incline , at 3.5 mph .

Why am I jumping on a treadmill every day? Is that because my blood will have thickened or is it because it will help clear the extra estrogen?

I don’t want to go cold turkey so I will take the advice here of twice weekly subq to taper my dose down.

Are there any ways to speed up my body clearing out the excess estrogen. I have no access to AI’s.

Dude it’s because your are overweight

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Some have said a supplement called DIM helps them with high E2.
That wonderful feeling you got when you first started is called the TRT honeymoon.
You only get it once. Many men have spent years and $$$$.00 to try and get it back.

I am surprised with your blast dose if T you did not start losing weight. Have you cleaned up your diet? Getting good sleep?

I don’t have access to AI or DIM right now.
Eating broccoli but need to know if there are any better ways to clear excess estrogen.

Short of an AI, try hot lemon water.

tell us your height and weight - you’re jumping on a treadmill because you’re overweight and trt will work much better with a lot less body fat on you !!! I’m sorry but I cant believe you asked that question

You can buy DIM off of Amazon. Do you live it Timbucktoo or something?

You’re jumping on the treadmill because your overweight and unhealthy.

The treadmill is a good idea, but also lifting weights while on TRT will show the most benefits. If you improving your physical performance will see fat melt off and estrogen decrease because your body will be more efficient.

Yea you sure can, but 60 mg is probably too low of a dose. Usually 120-140 mg a week is the sweet spot.

So my last shot of 62.5mg was on Friday which is my weekly injection day.

But I’ve decided to go to EOD or every day from now on due to aromatising so much from being 30% fat.

Today being Tuesday I injected 25mg, Wednesday I’ll inject 25mg and Thursday I’ll inject 12.5mg to bring my weekly total of 125mg. Down from the stupidly high 250mg.

Drinking lots of hot lemon water and wondering if it actually does much?

Your liver will appreciate the warm lemon water but don’t look for anything else.
If you truly have 30% body fat you need to cut your weekly T dose to about 80mg/wk I don’t care if you do it daily or once a week but with that much body fat you will be making a ton of E2.
Anything over 80mg/wk you will need an AI to keep your E2 in range.
Good luck on your journey.

Thanks I really appreciate this and all other help received here.
I am desperately trying to lose weight now after telling myself a few years truths.
So 80mg test-e is the max I can do before aromatising without AI? That is very useful info and what I have been researching for days.
Would I be better doing this daily or every other day for less E2 spikes?

250mg is typically excessive for TRT, it’s more along the lines of a dose a bodybuilder would cruise at. Depending on individual metabolism and elimination of T of course… 250mg/wk would have me at around 1700ng/dl (mean) with free T around 2.5x ref range.

Side effect otherwise are dependent on the individual. I don’t get any HCT increase, bloating etc. However one must consider prior to acquiring hypogonadism my TT was over 1000ng/dl, one can assume my SHBG was tanked (though this isn’t particularly relevant) as I had impaired glucose tolerance at 13-14 along with absurdly high TT.

200mg is the highest I’d go… And what I use (for a long term cruise) assuming you’re relatively healthy, live a clean lifestyle etc.

You need to sort out you’re bf … High BF/excess visceral fat will create more aromatase, Leptin resistance (and resulting insulin resistance), tons of other issues like cardiac strain etc. Using supra doses while obese is a baaaadddd idea.

Start with 125mg/wk, try that for a while. People say to use e3.5 days minimum with long estered test. However if you metabolise test at a normal rate you probably won’t notice much difference between e3.5 days, e7d, e5d etc.

In my opinion (however other opinions are present) SHBG has nothing to do with shot frequency and dose.

For E control (which may be needed given you’re BF, warm lemon water, liver detox supps will be good. As will simply losing BF%

Do you think injecting every day would be a good idea?
I’m thinking 0.05ml which on a 1ml syringe is 0.5 which equates to 12.5mg a day or 87.5mg a week.